Tuesday, November 8, 2011


    ‘It’s true, this place is a mess, but at least I remembered to stack the cupboards with fresh food from the market,’ I said, as Mouche and I grabbed our sweaters and pulled on our Uggs  in differing shades of caramel and pink...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Summer Day: PRIDE & PRINCESSES Chapter 3 Girl History

Summer Day: PRIDE & PRINCESSES Chapter 3 Girl History

Sunrise High School

Most people spend 96 seconds viewing blogs (apparently), I think that's just long enough to read the name of the fictional Los Angeles school my characters attend...and this.

You Love Him

Unedited Draft (scene between Mouche and Phoebe - this made it into the final draft, albeit in a different part of the chapter...)

Mouche glanced at me sceptically then looked at our prospective boyzamples and said, ‘Yes, no, yes, no, no way, yes...’
    ‘But this should be a realistic guide to dating at Sunrise High and an expose of just how few guys are the total package.’
     ‘Package meaning?’
     ‘Intelligence, kindness of heart, personality...’
     ‘How about tall, dark and handsome like Mark Knightly,’ I ventured. ‘Although, when he came into class he seemed very arrogant and rude,’ I qualified my reckless remark, but Mouche was too quick.
     ‘Oh my goodness!’
     ‘You like him. I can tell. I mean you more than like him!’
      It was hard to lie to Mouche.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Unedited Draft

From P&P 2009 draft (unedited)

"Mouche dragged me back into the pool. We lounged under the night lights on Wednesday’s huge, plastic, floating goldfish. Mouche dragged me around with her until we were playing whirlpool and before we knew it, we were having a water fight about whose ideas ruled..."

(The characters in my story go swimming a lot! I've been reading over an earlier (unedited) draft of Pride & Princesses (written in 2009) and I'm going to post some sections over the next few days, mostly parts which weren't (for whatever reasons) included in the final draft. I'm not sure anyone could ever tell another person how to write a novel (although many have tried!) but it's an interesting process to look back on how a novel starts in the drafting process and how it finishes up.)

Excerpt from Part 1 'Pride & Princesses'

(Excerpt from Part 1 'Pride & Princesses')
When we arrived at school the next morning, Mark and Jet were nowhere to be seen. The boys were hanging out in packs.  The girls had already formed their own little cliques: the usual stuff - sporty, indie, nerdy, skeezie, emo-wearing black. Study an ancient DVD of Some Kind of Wonderful or Heathers and you’ll get the idea. The Sunrise High general studies stream was a fusion of select public school purgatory. Only the fittest would survive.
    Mouche and I had first walked the halls of Sunrise in sophomore year. We were transfer students and dance majors from the academy we attended in Bel Air: The Los Angeles High School for Young Ladies. Back then, we wore uniforms that made us look like little nuns. Public school was a big contrast. Huge. We barely had a dress code but were well acquainted with the Princesses when they appeared in the hall: a mirage, as if like magic.

Every Pitch Has To Start With A When

An original blurb ( I think I wrote this when I read that "every pitch has to start with a 'When' "...) but what did I know then...

When two best-friends; Phoebe and Mouche, compete constantly to see who gets the best of everything, the results can be contagious. The competition heats up when a high school challenge results in a bet to bag the best date for the junior dance, at any cost...Mix a teenage version of Pride and Prejudice with a touch of Emma, transfer the drama to an American high school and the result is PRIDE & PRINCESESS.
I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday... oh, and here's another original picture (the computer doesn't create the cleanest lines but you get the idea...) http://twitter.com/summerdaylight

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Pride & Princesses Twitter Picture

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