Monday, September 19, 2016


Thanks amazing readers!! You've been reading my blog while I've been busy. Today I was playing around with my paint set and I think this is my favourite costume design. My YA version of Wuthering Heights (now called Wuthering Bites) has a high concept setting and modern dress (but whatever...) Here's the start:

From the journal of Greta Gardner, February 1978
The boy arrived at night, wrapped in a blanket. He was carried by his adopted father who placed him on the kitchen floor next to me. His big blue eyes stared out from under his wild black hair. He shrank from the fire, he shrank from my touch, yet his skin was cold as ice…
He arrived with a list of instructions tucked into the pocket of his jacket.
Eats - mostly chicken and oranges (likes: roast chicken, blood oranges and plums).
Drinks - mostly water and citrus juice.
 First warning - do not let him go in the sun often as he burns easily.
Second warning - make sure he wears his necklace amulet (a parting gift from his biological mother). He screams if you take it.
Final Warning - do not let him go out at night alone.
As a small boy (just walking) he had a tendency to wander off, and many times staff at the orphanage were unable to find the little fellow for hours. Once, he was found hanging upside down from the roof of the school gymnasium, like a bat. The only giveaway was the drip drip drip of juice as he stuffed his baby face with blood oranges.
His file was then stamped: Special Needs.


I haven't been on Twitter or this blog in ages but I have been busy. Today I painted some costume designs with some of my YA characters in mind. I'm thinking of changing the title of Wuthering Nights to Wuthering Bites (more descriptive!)...