Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bella Cinderella by Summer Day (Sinister Sisters) #four

Sinister sisters
As you’ve probably gathered Patience had very little patience. She sucked her non-alcoholic Bloody Mary through a straw hungrily as she blabbed away to her sisters.
    “When I asked for a Bloody Mary, Jacinta thought I wanted tomato juice!” Patience guffawed, ‘I just love type A.’   
     While Charity had been raiding the kitchen, Patience had done a basic web search on Marco but nothing came up. His last name didn’t seem to exist. Patience was working on a visual search. After she’d seen him drive off in his Maserati, Patience was convinced he was a vamp. He showed no sign of it, but no one had actually seen him eat food, either.  
    Vanity was a party girl and more obsessed with finding the right dress and outfit to wear that night than doing a people search. Miranda had invited tons of vamps from the movie world and Vanity was determined to get famous in any way possible. There was even a film crew coming because Vanity was filming her own reality show and wanted to include highlights of the evening.
    To that end, she was busily trying on the shortest, tightest new dresses but at the eleventh hour, none of them fit. Patience had convinced her she should buy out the boutique a week ago in case someone else got there first, but she must have put on weight since then. That gave Vanity an idea. She rifled through her sister’s closets, finally discovering a tight red, flapper dress with tassels.
     “Now I remember. That was 1928. I loved that year. The fashion was exquisite and the parties relentless. I’ll take that,” Vanity said.
     A verbal fight broke out between Vanity and Charity because Charity didn’t want to lend Vanity the dress, even though Charity had never worn it and didn’t intend to. This resulted in the dress being torn and Vanity storming out of the room to go to the nearest designer boutique to, “find something better.”
     “Good luck,” Patience said. “You should try Jewel’s closet instead. She has lots of hidden gems like the spoilt teenage brat she is. Daddy’s Princess is sure to have something. Go on; hurry up before she catches on.”    
      “Oh, don’t worry about Jewel,” Vanity said. “She’ll be busy with the catering all night. In fact, I left the maid’s outfit on her bed for her to wear.” Charity and Patience laughed.  
     “I don’t even want her coming as the maid. She’s sure to attract Marco and he’s all mine.” Patience had finally discovered some information about Marco on the internet: Marco De Marco, Italian, rumored Prince and heir to vast estate, rumored vampire lineage.
     “Ha, so that’s why he fled his country! Girls I have news, not only is he probably one of us, he’s an aristocrat!”
    “What does that mean?” Charity asked.
   “It means he’s smart.” Vanity replied.
    “No sister, it means he’s seriously rich, richer than us.” 
     Each of the sisters pushed and shoved each other out of the way in order to get a better view of Marco’s photograph.
    “I want him,” Vanity announced, (having the right boy on her arm was very important to Vanity).
   “I need him,” Charity stated (her credit cards were seriously maxed out).
   “I’ll bite you for him,” Patience added, she was definitely craving some noble blood.