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Friday, December 2, 2011

PRIDE AND PRINCESSES by Summer Day page 39

Who knew that Trey could supply us with our advice for the month? Even Mouche was impressed.
    Trey left the room but not without flicking the light switch on and off three times just to annoy us. He’s very sweet sometimes, but I’d never tell Mouche that I’m crushing on her older brother. I happen to know she worships him but I think she’d find that information slightly disconcerting. 
     We looked back at our highlighted notes, our rules and ideas about dating, our slim experiences and profiles of the boys of Sunrise thus far.        
Mouche glanced at me sceptically then looked at our prospective boyzamples and said,            ‘Yes, no, yes, no, no way, yes...’
    ‘But this should be a realistic guide to dating at Sunrise High and an expose of just how few guys are the total package.’
     ‘Package meaning?’
     ‘Intelligence, kindness of heart, personality...’
     ‘How about tall, dark and handsome like Mark Knightly,’ I ventured. ‘Although, when he came into class he seemed very arrogant and rude,’ I qualified my reckless remark, but Mouche was too quick.
     ‘Oh my goodness!’
     ‘You like him. I can tell. I mean you more than like him!’
      It was hard to lie to Mouche.
     ‘You’re practically in love with wanna have his babies!’
     ‘Oh please, that is completely over the top. I have barely spoken to him! I so do not love him. Besides, he’s totally an older man. Isn’t he just repeating junior year for kicks? I mean, who has the time and money to be in Europe for a whole year. He seems like a total weirdo.’
    ‘It’s true. You love him.’
     I relented, ‘me and everyone else at Sunrise.’
    ‘Not me. He seems really haughty.’
    ‘Perhaps it’s just his manly exterior,’ I joked.