Monday, October 19, 2015


Dear Readers,

When I started this YA writing journey (I finished Pride & Princesses in 2009) I also started a blog, twitter, Amazon, Wattpad and Goodreads journey not that long after. I briefly dabbled in Amazon self-publishing, picked out photographs I'd taken on my travels and scribbled my drawings using a computer mouse to decorate my blog with mostly original content (they are very, very rough drawings:). I had a vision that I haven't fully developed yet... my own little house with windows that open to stories that haven't been heard previously. I read the entire Twilight series as an antidote to the rigours of completing a law degree (it worked!) and the entire Hunger Games series soon after. I'm educating myself every day but I realize I've been educating myself since I was born. No outside source could teach me more than I've learnt myself about the arts. I'm a work in progress. We all are. I think creativity comes from life and a place personal to each of us. I took cover in my teen stories which are mostly based on classics by great writers. I've had fun "YA-ing" those great novels written decades (centuries) ago. I've read a lotta sweet comments and a few not so sweet ones over the years!! I embrace all with love and say a HUGE THANK YOU to the 'viewers' who have read my blog... 'cos now the blog is just about to reach a hundred thousand views and that was my goal in the first place. It's time to sing another tune and perhaps focus on my grown up stuff:) Many thanks to all, much love to all:).

love Summer (not my real name, my pen name, but ya'll knew that by now:) oxo