Monday, October 19, 2015

NEVER BROKEN and Picking Up The Pieces by Jewel Kilcher

I just finished reading Jewel Kilcher's incredible autobiography Never Broken  and listening to her fab new album, Picking Up The Pieces. I was privileged to hear her sing in concert a few years ago. Jewel writes as brilliantly as she sings. Never Broken is really a great read especially if you've ever indulged in the creative processes of writing, music, art etc. Jewel's early life is filled with struggle and beauty. Never Broken is a remarkable story and so elegantly self-helpful. Warning: If everything in your life has gone smoothly you may not get as into this as I did (but whose life runs so smoothly!?), and it helps to have listened to all her songs. Picking Up The Pieces is personal yet universal. The music spoke to me, every song tells a story. I found the experience of reading Jewel's story and listening to her new album when I'd finished reading truly AMAZING.  WOW. ( twitter: @jeweljk)