Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Just in case you haven’t read my obsessive tweets (@summerdaylight) about this glorious novel, THE NIGHT CIRCUS by ERIN MORGENSTERN (@erinmorgenstern) is amazing. I read it in January and it cast a spell that has stayed with me. The writing is wonderful: perfect exposition, breathtaking descriptions and characters that are unpredictable and enchanting. The story is complex without being pretentious and extraordinary without being annoying. Quite simply, The Night Circus is one of the most beautiful novels I have ever read and one of the rare novels I would like to read again. There are only a few writers who change your ideas about writing (and in this case, art) and all it could encompass. I’d put this writer and this novel in that category.  I know many of us happily survive on a diet of YA ‘literature’ and some of it is awesomeness in a chocolate wrapper, but do yourselves a delicious favour and read a truly great novel: Erin Morgenstern’s THE NIGHT CIRCUS.  You open the first page and enter the Circus of Dreams where a cast of characters reveal themselves in an unforgettable and unimaginable tale of beauty, love and deception. THE NIGHT CIRCUS is the story of the birth of a circus of dreamers, magicians and gifted conjurers. It is the tale of a devastating bet between two magicians and their equally talented prodigies. This novel is beautiful beyond reach, intangible yet wickedly good. Have I encouraged you to take a peek yet? Oh, and Summit better do it justice, ‘cos I cannot wait for the movie. *Just don’t expect everything to be spelled out. Why? Because, THE NIGHT CIRCUS is EXTRAORDINARY: the writing employs your imagination to actively visualize the scenes and events that take place, it's a trip to the circus you'll never forget. Take it now!