Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter twenty-three: Chez Bingley)

Chapter Twenty-three
    The minute Paige had gone upstairs Mackenzie turned to Darcy. She was wearing a flicked ballet skirt and pink rimmed sunglasses to match her sparkling lip gloss and much too thick mascara. Mackenzie pulled her sunglasses down to her nose as if she was making a closer inspection of Paige’s absence.
    “Did you see what she was wearing?”
    “I hadn’t noticed,” Darcy said as he flicked through the pages of the Spring Awakening script on the couch. Darcy couldn’t believe how lame the part he’d been designated was. He was only doing it because it was that or an entire subject and he was pretty sure this would be less work. Besides the teacher, who was a screaming fashionista, already liked him. It was an easy A.
    “Did you notice how Paige looked?  Girlfriend was covered in dirt and those jeans are so last season. Did the edges actually have mud on them?” Mackenzie laughed.
    “I’m sure she’s not bothered by a bit of mud,” Darcy threw the script on the coffee table, “we were in a playing field after all.”
     “Well, I doubt you’d want your sister Blair traipsing all over the neighborhood, alone, in unfashionable clothes.”
    “She wasn’t alone. Her sister had walked on ahead of her. In any case, I’d be more concerned for her safety, than her style, after all Blair is younger than Paige.”
   “Well, I think Paige Bennet needs a lesson in how to dress and act in public. I mean, I can’t believe she’s a member of the Princesses. I was told those girls had style… some certainly don’t have any class.”
   “What did you say, Mackenzie?” Ryan asked from the corner where he entered the room from outside.  
   “I was just suggesting that Paige could use my advice.”
    Mackenzie batted her eyelashes at Darcy as he frantically texted somebody. It was obvious Mackenzie had a crush on her brother’s best friend but Darcy wasn’t giving in to her or her snarky ways.
   “Okay, I gotta go,” I announced, so over this place of bickering juniors and seniors.
   “Do you want a lift?” Ryan offered breezily.
   I beamed as he grabbed his keys, also eager to get out of Mackenzie’s airspace.
   “And Mackenzie, stop embarrassing me. In our last school you ended up with a reputation as one of the meanest girls who ever lived. You promised me things would be different here.”
   “Promises, promises brother,” Mackenzie said under her breath. After all, Darcy had wandered out to the pool area to talk on his cell and without an audience there was no need for Mackenzie to pretend to be nice.  She wished Darcy had noticed her new outfit. Just for once, though. Mackenzie really couldn’t understand it. Darcy had always been immune to her charms yet she was slim and beautiful and blonde and… perfect. Well, she had her ways. Mackenzie had whispered to me as Ryan got his car, “I’m not going to wait forever to be with Darcy, you know. I’m not like those dopey Bennet girls always playing hard to get.” 
    “He’s going to be so easy,” Mackenzie said.
     I thought that was a little bit of an ‘over-share’ as Mackenzie waved me off and wished me ‘cheers on my little TV show.”