Saturday, August 10, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter fifty-four: At the mansion)

Chapter Fifty-four
At the mansion

    Darcy drove leisurely down the country lane ways and Paige was shocked when he pulled into a long driveway with wrought iron gates and the Donovan family crest on the front. The centuries-old Donovan mansion, standing majestically amidst acres of well-kept gardens, was more than impressive.
   “Wow,” Paige said. 
   Darcy pulled over, parked the car and walked around to open the door for her.
   “Do you like it?”
   “Wow… um, yes,” Paige added (sounding and feeling very American), “Are you trying to impress me?”
   “Of course.”
   Darcy stopped smiling when he noticed all the cars parked around the side of the Donovan mansion.
   He grimaced.
   “I’d forgotten with all the… excitement. Brunch. I was just coming here to show you around, was sure my great-aunt and everyone else was in London for the day.”
   Darcy checked his text.
   He looked dismayed.
   “They changed their minds. They’re expecting me for brunch.” Darcy raised his eyebrow and paused a moment. “Do you mind? My great-aunt is a real snob.” 
    Paige shrugged, annoyed that he was ditching her. This was the final chance he’d ever get… “I suppose I could… call a taxi.”
    “Are you kidding? I want you to come with me. It should only take an hour or two… then we could go back to the village and hang out…”
    Paige half-smiled.
    “Okay, but is there a train station nearby? Cos if they’re mean to me, I’m out of here.”
    Darcy laughed as they walked inside.
    “I’ll do my best to protect you.”  
    As Paige and Darcy were entering the house, a young girl in a riding outfit came running down the stairs, a few years younger than Darcy.
   “Darcy! Darcy! I’m so glad you are here. Great aunt Donovan gave up on you coming and has taken everyone to the Bingley’s for tea.”  (Ryan’s family had rented the mansion nearby). Paige breathed a sigh of relief.
   Blair stopped at the front door and smiled.
   “Oh, you must be Paige. Take me with you both, I have my boots on… she leaned in… great-aunt is trying to take me with her. When she returns she wants me to help sort her art collection.  Arghh! Save me!”
    Darcy laughed. “Never mind, it’s only a few days before we get to go home,” he whispered.  
    Blair breathed a sigh of relief, audibly.
   They bundled the extra food Blair had packed, into a basket, including a blanket and walked over to the stables, where some horses were already saddled.

    A teenage boy named Jethro was the summer groom and already he and Blair had become friends. You could tell by the way they smiled at each other. Blair talked on and Darcy couldn’t get over how much happier his younger sister seemed. When Blair and Jethro went riding, Darcy suggested he and Paige eat lunch in the adjoining meadows where there was a good place to sit by the lake.
    And so, their true romance began.