Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where I Write

I wrote most of my first (grown up) novel in Starbucks and the sequel in the library and cafe of my old university. I don't usually write in libraries but that one is special to me! Sometimes I write on my dining room table (it's big and close to the kettle and good for spreading pages out, so at the moment the dining room table is winning!) I remember Starbucks because it had a great place to put my laptop and a great lamp to read by! I was thrilled to have finished the (very rough) first draft of the first novel I was working on but the weight of realisation that I then needed to review, was daunting...I think punctuation is important - but not as important as imagination, inspiration, structure, a good place to write, excellent beverages (!) and getting your words on paper, initially! So don't worry about the punctuation until the end...which is really the beginning. If anyone out there is a writer...where's the best place to write your stuff?