Saturday, August 10, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter fifty-two: Strange Days)

Chapter Fifty-two
Strange days

   It was an unusually sunny day but the wind was whipping Paige’s hair as she waited, wrapped in her red summer coat. (Even in summer it sometimes became cold in England, Paige realized).
   Paige pinched herself.
   Darcy had actually asked her out – on a date.
   Paige, he’d written in his note before he left school, let’s keep in touch.
   The months of school had gone by, college and distance took its toll. But now they were adults, in the same foreign city, and finally, all bets were off. Darcy could show his hand if Paige gave him a chance.
    Paige stood waiting on the cobbled footpath. Darcy smiled when he saw her.
    As Darcy and Paige drove out of town and took the country road via the meadows, Darcy’s great aunt and uncle were busy breakfasting in their grand dining room, the one that overlooked the vast grounds of Pemberly.
     As the oldest nephew, Darcy was due to inherit both his great aunt’s amazing estate – Pemberly, and his grandfather’s title – along with his grandfather’s cattle ranch, one day. Darcy wasn’t sure about the catlle ranch since he had no plans to make a faux marriage. His value system had been rehabilitated since high school.
    Unbeknownst to Darcy, his grandparents had tons of ‘suitable girls’, ones whose families came with huge fortunes, selected for him to meet.  Of course they hadn’t counted on Darcy’s strength of character and his recent insistence on being his own person. He’d decided to do things his way.