Sunday, April 14, 2013


I'm aiming towards thirty thousand views on my blog by May. TY wonderful readers (& writers) in cyberspace:) I hope to put The Magic Mermaid up on my blog soon as another huge THANKS:) Meanwhile, make sure you read Bella Cinderella and Snow Bright (parts One & Two of my teen fairy tales first - they are uploaded here in their complete forms!) In the Magic Mermaid the entire Tournament of Skills story starts to merge.

I finished Popular and it has been edited and reviewed. It's not strictly a sequel to Pride and Princesses - more of a companion novel but since Pride & Princesses is set some years ago, I'd have to say, Popular is set around now and some of the main characters from Pride & Princesses are in Popular - so, yeah, it's a little bit of a sequel ... a lot like Emma and mostly a 'companion' novel to Pride & Princesses. I hope you like reading it as much as I loved and angstily toiled over the writing of it.

I'm delaying the publication of Popular as I'm not sure how I'm going to publish it yet. In the meantime, I'm working on finishing The Hotness and a teen series I have been working on for a few years... it has been quite a process!