Thursday, June 28, 2012


My Twitter friend Summer Ellen Lane over at  just sent me this blog tag... I'm answering the questions SEL... now what do I do next?! 

  1. YA romance or Adult romance? I like both, definitely, but I like what is happening with YA - the fact that it doesn't necessarily stay in that genre. A lot of adults read YA just like when I was a teen, I often read novels written for grown ups. 
  2. If you could embody any single figure throughout history –  who would it be? Too many to choose but someone who experienced truth, travel, loyalty, family, passion, glamour, beauty (both outer & inner) and true love.
  3. Do you play a musical instrument? Yes.
  4. Who is your favorite actor? This changes. Today it's Michael Fassbender & not to leave out the female actors, I'd add Anna Sophia Robb and Carey Mulligan.
  5. What’s your favorite thrilling movie? ie. Blockbuster? Thrills = The Fast & the Furious series because chases are always gripping. I saw a film called "Like Crazy" recently, that I really enjoyed, it was a very sweet story about a long distance romance, it was about a 'romantic' chase in a way. 
  6. Favorite uplifting, touching song? I kinda like it when I hear it & then I know it!
  7. Modern or classical art? Modern (but I like it best when artists are classically trained... then go completely off the map). That said, I've seen some amazing exhibitions of the old masters so I have respect for art in all its many forms. 
  8. Do you prefer Kindle or “real” books? Both. At first I wasn't sure about Kindle, now I love it. Kindle is the future and I think we should all embrace its brilliance. 
  9. Cats or dogs? I love cats but they don't love me. I'm gonna have to say DOGS - they are always happy to eat, hug & be patted and wise people have said, at some point you just have to love what loves you in return!
  10. Disneyland or Universal Studios? I'm going to go with Universal because I love movies... 
  11. Birthday or Christmas? * wink * BOTH 

OKAY  - NOW I'VE ADDED THESE FOR YOU SUMMER ELLEN & CHELES BELLS, Airicka Phoenix and ANY OF OUR this the way the game is played? Anyway, yr questions rocked & I hope you have fun answering mine! 

THANKS SEL for introducing me to BLOG TAG

I’ve written this Blog TAG (q&a) to add…  just for you, lovely Bloggers!

·       Fave TV show?

·       Greatest dream?
·       Fave travel destination?
·       Fave novel and why?
·       Fave writer and why?
·       Fave movie and why?
·       Fave actors and why?
·       Fave food and why?
·       What is your fave place and why?
·       If you could invite eight famous people from history or now to dinner who are they, where would you hold the dinner and what food would you serve? As much detail as possible please!
·       What is your greatest wish for humanity ie. the world?