Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter seventeen: Sweet Dreams)

Chapter Seventeen
Sweet Dreams
    In the dark, Paige and Shiloh could hear Sia and Rebel giggling stupidly through the thin bedroom walls of the Bennet home.  
   “Are you awake, Paige?” Shiloh asked.
   “Yes, of course.”
   Paige threw her pillow at the wallpaper while Shiloh smiled. 
   “Don’t worry too much about what Darcy Donovan said.”
   “Oh, I’d already forgotten,” Paige lied.
   “It does seem strange, though.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “Well, his best friend seems like such a nice person. Ryan is probably the nicest boy I’ve ever met.”
    Paige paused.
    “It could just be your goodness that brings out the best in him,” Paige giggled.
    “I doubt it,” Shiloh said. “Perhaps we’ve just been too quick to judge Darcy. Maybe there is more to him than meets the eye.”
    “Maybe,” Paige said re-adjusting her pillow. “Whatever, I’m so over him.”
    Shiloh wondered, before she fell asleep, if this meant her sister was previously ‘into’ him.
     Shiloh didn’t believe in dating unless it was dating for the future.  She knew Rebel and her younger sisters just wanted to have fun, but Shiloh was a senior and she wanted a boyfriend that would be there for her, who would take things seriously, to the next level, to college and beyond. Shiloh was playing for keeps. She wondered if Paige felt the same.
    “Darcy Donovan,” Paige said sleepily, “is the most arrogant, self-centered boy I’ve ever met. If he never spoke to me again I’d be extremely happy. If he ever does speak to me again, though, I’m going to ignore him. He’s just not worth the effort.”
     Shiloh had a sneaking suspicion, for once, her beloved sister was wrong.