Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bella Cinderella by Summer Day (Glass turns golden) #six

Glass turns golden
    When Jewel touched the shoes, they turned to gold.
    “Wow,” Huck said. He and Ruby were standing at the door, masks in hand.
   “What are you guys doing here?”
   “Jacinta told us where you were.”
   “We’re incognito,” Ruby laughed, a normal non-alcoholic cocktail in hand.
   “I’m so glad you both came.”
   “Could your stepmother be any more wicked? She nearly threw us out on the pavement until she realized Ruby’s dad owns a company.”
   “She has issues,” Jewel said.
   “By the way,” Ruby said, “your step siblings are wearing your clothes and Vanity is monopolizing Marco.”   
    “I told you not to tell her. It would freak her out.” Huck turned to Jewel, “Oh well, I suppose someone’s got to spill the beans: turns out Marco is seriously rich and powerful. Everyone says there’s a prince hiding out at the school. The Maserati was probably a giveaway. His family own a whole island, apparently. Vanity told everyone they’re a couple.”
     “Oh, are you serious?” Jewel asked.
    “Don’t get excited, Vanity got her hooks in the moment he arrived. They’ve been dancing together...” Ruby added.
   “This might be the moment to make an entrance.”
   Atop Jewel’s head, Huck placed a bright, delicate diamante tiara.
   “It’s what everyone’s wearing in the clubs,” Huck said.
   Jewel’s blonde curls had been ironed straight making her look almost like another person. The friends were also disguised in designer clothes and masks, just in case the Minchin’s decided to unleash their wildest freak show – vamp magic had only ever been whispered about at Venice Beach Hall.
   “On with the camouflage,” Ruby said.
   “Let’s go darlings,” Huck added. “The minute your step-nightmare sees us she’ll wonder who the awesome socialites are.”