Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bella Cinderella by Summer Day (If The Shoe Fits, Wear It) #eight #TheEnd

If the Shoe Fits, Wear it
     Huck and Ruby said their goodbyes.
    “Thanks for the invite,” Ruby whispered.
    “Yeah, this was way freakier than we imagined.”
     Ruby hugged Jewel. “Awesome party, people will be talking about it for years to come,” Ruby said, “especially since we have footage,” Ruby waved her smart phone.
    “Uploading it soon…” Huck added.
     “Don’t go, guys, the fight is so much fun,” Jewel added as her stepsisters continued to hurl shoes at each other and Marco waited coolly on the pavement for  Giovanni to arrive in his car.
    “We’re going to see if we can get a ride with them,” Ruby said. “Just think… a real Italian prince.”
    “He’s not a prince,” Ruby said. “It says here his family are rich but untitled.”
    “Well, the internet never lies…” The two friends left discussing how they could ever have believed the rumor that there was a prince at Venice Beach High.
     Riff was packing up his guitar, after playing the required set.
     Jewel’s eyes were sparkling as she walked towards Riff.
     “Hey, that was amazing,” Jewel said. “Aren’t you in my English class?”
     Riff looked up at her, blue eyes, dark hair and a smile as handsome as the sun and said, “Yes.”
     “So… I never heard anyone play Happy Birthday like that before.”
    “Oh… I’ve had lots of practice.”
    At this moment, Jewel’s step family were shouting at each other again and Jewel wanted out. She was so over playing Cinderella to those trampettes. Meanwhile, Riff had worked up the courage to ask Jewel to go out with him.
   “Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to go to this diner with me?” Riff asked. “I always go after I’ve finished playing, helps me wind down…”
  “Yes, sure,” Jewel said, “Like I’d want to stay here.”
   Together they piled into Riff’s car. It wasn’t particularly flashy but it was comfortable on the inside, and it drove smoothly.  
   “I’m saving up to buy a new one,” Riff told Jewel.
   “Oh, I don’t mind,” Jewel replied. “This car totally rocks.” Just like you, she wanted to add.
    Falling in love at first sight can make you forget things. So, while Marco was being berated by Giovanni for disappearing and the nasty stepsisters were tearing each other’s hair out in the argument to end all arguments, Jewel rode happily with Riff along the West Coast towards this little beach shack diner. Neither of them could speak as they took their places in their booth. Riff chose a song on the old-fashioned juke box and let Jewel pick the next two.
      He liked it here. It reminded him of when he was young. It had been decades since he’d met anyone as amazing as Jewel.
      The waitress came with the menu but Riff only ordered a drink.
      Jewel was starving and ate her sandwich hungrily.
      When she finished, they both looked at each other.
      So what if Riff wasn’t some dude whose parent’s owned an island?
      So what if Jewel wasn’t of noble birth?
      Afterwards, they drove to the beach.
      Riff had never expected to meet this girl. He was supposed to be sampling a few months of ‘normal’ school then his parents expected him home. He thought his disguise had worked pretty well – low key, second hand car. But with Jewel, he wanted to tell her everything. He wanted to tell her the truth.
      Jewel had found something that had been missing from her teenage world up until now. No amount of money, jewels, fast cars, golden slippers or tiaras would replace instant chemistry.
    When Riff parked the car near the ocean across the road from the diner, Jewel stole a kiss on his perfect lips. For a first kiss, it sizzled. Riff used all his power to hold back his fangs. Given that her blood appealed, his restraint was a miracle in itself but he couldn’t let himself get that close too quickly, again. His parents would freak out. The Crown Vampire Prince and a ‘normal’? His father would say it could never be.
     Riff took Jewel’s hand. He didn’t care what his parent’s thought.
     “C’mon,” he said, “I want to show you where I live.”
    That was when Jewel noticed she wasn’t wearing any shoes.
    “I must have left them on the dance floor.”
    Sure enough, there they were; gold turned to glass amid the streamers, balloons and remnants of the party to end all parties.

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