Sunday, March 10, 2013


I recently read STATE OF EMERGENCY by Summer Lane @SummerEllenLane on Twitter. This is a fast moving & fabulous YA read. Summer's gorgeous blog is here as are details about her novel. I have browsed through this blog and I think it's FABULOUS! I just uploaded my twitter friend @AirickPhoenix 's new novel GAMES OF FIRE onto my kindle & cannot wait to read:) Airicka blogs, is active on FB and Twitter and is a fantastic writer. Another blog I love is: so check 'em out lovelies & have a great Monday. Also, Truly is Free on Amazon on Monday 11th March... I think the follower button is finally working here at my blog! Thanks to my (heading towards) nineteen thousand views:) All because of fabulous readers (ie. you) Please check into my follower 'widget' if you'd like to join & let me know if it's finally working!! Hugs Summer:)