Monday, March 11, 2013


It seems like I've finally got my follower widget working... Just let me say I'm beyond thrilled when a reader joins:) It's like, when you have a huge box of jelly beans and they spill out of that pinata you weren't allowed to touch until your birthday party:) WOO HOO I'm so busy reviewing the edits on POPULAR and THE HOTNESS. While not specifically sequels to Pride & Princesses they are set in and around familiar places and both contain familiar 'characters' - I can't wait for readers to read... but I'm making sure the manuscripts are just as right as possible before putting them out there. So, if I'm not social networking as much as I like to, I hope to be webbing again soon. Meanwhile, think of me writing away with my music on in the background or the dvd playing shows I've already seen on the flat screen in the foreground (like Suburgatory and The Gilmore Girls on repeat) as the background story to my typing... ps. I have to play shows I've already seen and liked or I'm distracted enough to stop writing. If you haven't already gathered, I like soft noise, but noise all the same, while I work... music is good too but it's nice to feel you are among television friends while you're actually the only person in the room along with endless amounts of tea... the kettle is my friend. VIRTUAL HUGS to ALL:)