Sunday, May 19, 2013

(#Seventeen) Wuthering Nights by Summer Day: Inspired by Wuthering Heights

Chapter Seventeen
    The boy was walking quickly. He had a backpack slung over his shoulder full of supplies and the fruits of his gambling stuffed into the back pocket of his black jeans. Kate caught up with him and flung her arms around him.
     He kissed and hugged her in return.
    ‘I was going to wait for you, here,’ he said. Kate looked closely at his face. The skin around his right eye was turning black…
    ‘The police officer did that?’
    ‘He wasn’t a policeman. Just a thug Harrison hired,’ Heath said bitterly.
   ‘I’m so sorry. We should have left sooner,’ Kate said, kissing him. His lips were still warm. ‘It was foolish of me to try to find the good in Harrison where there is so little.’ Kate added regretfully.
      They hid behind the shelter of the bus shed as the weather turned and rain spat from the dark sky. Soon it would be midnight and they’d have to hide until morning. They were together now and immune to the outside world. 
    ‘This is all that matters,’ Kate said as she hugged Heath for warmth.
    ‘C’mon,’ the boy said, releasing her. ‘There won’t be any buses until morning. We must find warmer shelter. Harrison is probably in an alcoholic stupor by now so there’s no need for us to freeze to death.’
     They trudged across the ground in the dark.
     It was almost midnight when Heath began to feel a stirring in his arms. Exhausted, they rested at the base of an oak tree. The muscles in Heath’s legs tightened and he was woken by the strong and sweet scent of human blood. Kate was bundled up in her coat next to him. She had scratched her arm, climbing down the side of Hareton Hall and Heath had a strong desire to lick the scratch. He stretched, resisting the almost irresistible. He knew he had to get to his vampire specialist in London, today if possible. He felt sure Kate would understand. The muscles in his body thumped and tightened. The need to drink blood overwhelmed him.
    He quickly grabbed a packet of Magenta from his backpack. It was the new product his specialist had urged him to take a sample of during his last visit. This liquid sated him, momentarily, and he fell asleep again next to Kate as the snow began to fall on the glass roof above them.
      They’d had no choice but to wait out the storm in the glass house, the place where he and Kate had once loved to visit, loved to be together, just seated side by side, barely bold enough to touch. Heath remembered best those moments of wonder and they only added to his love for her. Meanwhile, his desire to plunge his fangs into her neck was becoming more intense by the minute.
   ‘Heath?’ the girl asked sleepily.
    He nudged her awake. The blue coat she hid under was long and heavy, made for stronger weather and travel.
    Kate opened her red eyes. He could see she had cried herself to sleep. ‘We can never go back,’ she whispered. ‘He threatened to tell everyone about you or worse… have you framed for some fake financial crime… and he’d be capable of doing it, you know. He can forge your signature on documents…’
   Heath looked away.
  ‘I doubt he’d go through with it. He doesn’t want to publicly besmirch the family name. Wipe away your tears, Kate. We have each other.’
   Kate put her arms around him, but for the first time, he pushed her back.
   ‘Don’t Kate,’
   ‘Why not?’
   ‘I can feel a change tonight. I need to go to Harley Street…’
    ‘We’ll go together,’ Kate said.
     They huddled on the bench as Heath started to sweat. The girl spread her coat over the boy. 
     ‘You should leave me Kate; I don’t know what is going to happen next. I want you to be safe. Safe… from me.’
    ‘You can’t be serious. You can’t seriously… I could never love anyone as I have loved you… all my life you are the only one for me.’
   ‘And you for me.’
   ‘What has happened? What did Harrison say to you?’
    Heath looked away.
    ‘He told me I’m a…freak. That he didn’t want my blood tainting this family…’
   ‘That’s not true! I love you. If you are a freak then I’m one too and I don’t care what the world says…’
    ‘Kate, listen to me. On the street, being pursued, we are nothing. Give me time. I shall get my antidotes, supplies, a job, make some money and…come for you.’
   ‘No. Don’t…’
    Heath got up.
   ‘No. I will come to you. I’m writing down this address, in London. It’s a little cafĂ© where I once visited with father in Covent Garden when I was small, before he brought me home that night to meet you. I went there once a few months ago with Greta. I kept the business card. Here, I’ve written all the details. Meet me there, eight am in three months on the twenty-eighth. The day you turn eighteen, you will be free of him. We will meet there and be together, forever.’
    ‘Promise me…’
    ‘I promise…to find you again, if we are ever parted. But we are not going to be parted.’
     The lovers embraced.
     Heath’s hearing had sharpened. ‘I sense they are near…’
    ‘No… I cannot let you go,’ Kate said. ‘I cannot live without you.’
     ‘Kate!’ He whispered, his desire to fang her was stronger than ever. Heath whispered softly as his knees fell to the ground ‘I love you.’
     A shout could be heard in the distance, then a whistle and a voice, ‘She’s in there!’ Headlights shone in through the glass.
    ‘Careful officer, he’s got a gun,’ Harrison said. ‘He took it from the stables. He tried to kill me and he’s abducted my sister…’
     Momentarily, Heath slumped from the light which imitated the sun. Heath had his arm around what looked like Kate’s neck and the police officer must have misconstrued what he saw.
      ‘Don’t shoot…’ Kate yelled.
       It was too late.
       The shot ran out in the cold night air and went right through Heath’s chest, barely missing his heart.
       He shuddered and writhed in pain. It was a shot no human being could survive.
       Kate was stunned. Motionless, she barely made a sound.
       The police officer stared in horror at the lifeless young male. He was speechless as he bent over Heath’s ashen body.  The policeman checked the packet in the boy’s lifeless fingers. His fist contained nothing but a water bottle inside a brown paper bag. No weapon existed on his body. 
       Kate screamed hysterically and placed her head upon her loved one’s chest as she sobbed.
      ‘Heath, Heath!’
       Moments passed.
     Harrison took Kate’s arm and dragged her to her feet. She fought him all the way to the car and finally broke free of him, turning and running back to Heath’s body.
     The police officer, chilled from the night air and the shock of what he’d done, began dialling emergency from his car radio.
      Kate screamed again as Harrison took a swipe at her. He forcibly dragged her back to the car but she punched Harrison and kicked him twice as hard. She ran back to Heath and flung herself upon him. In that moment, he was cold and still as she sobbed in the shadows. There was not another human in sight of the distraught girl.
     ‘And then,’ Greta added casually, ‘the bullet holes started to heal. The flesh grew upon itself until not a mark could be seen through the holes in his shirt. Heath’s chest began to rise and fall, his fingers moved, his warm, brown eyes opened.’ Greta looked at me as she finished her tea. ‘The last words from Heath before he got up and fled were, ‘I will pay Harrison back for what he’s done.’
      Greta sighed. ‘And sure enough, he did.’