Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (Public Snubbing)

Chapter Thirteen
Public Snubbing
The evening of homecoming dance, Shiloh and Paige piled into the SUV with their sisters. There had been a lot of racing between floors of their house in Sunrise with the younger girls (particularly Rebel and Sia) screeching over a lack of bathrooms (the Bennets only had two). As usual, Shiloh had showered quickly and gone to her room to fix her hair and Paige soon followed.
    “I still can’t decide what to wear,” Paige said, pulling out a stylish jacket. Both sisters had modest but fashionable wardrobes but their youngest sisters had theirs stuffed with many clothes of the cheaper and slightly gaudy variety.
    Shiloh sighed, she knew she had to look out for Rebel. As the youngest child she should have been the easiest to control. It just wasn’t the case. And Sia followed everything Rebel did with Senta “tut tutting” behind them.
    “Oh, I smell something delicious coming from the kitchen,” Senta could be heard saying dreamily, as she walked through the hallway, her nose in her latest music score. 
     It was true that Mrs Bennet had whipped up her best fried chicken and mashed potatoes because she always insisted the girls have something to eat before they went out.
     “Finally, I’m ready. How do I look?”
      Shiloh, had her blonde hair piled in a side braid with a few sprigs of diamonte jewels to set off her knee length dress, inspired by pictures of movie stars from another era which she had set about her dressing table. Pretty pink fingernails and a bag shaped in the style of a sea shell ensured that Shiloh, as always, looked a dream.
     “You look perfect.”
     Paige still had her dark locks wrapped around a curling iron and wore no blush or gloss, though Shiloh had hinted some would look good on her. She wore a plain pencil skirt and her Dad’s old letter jacket for warmth.  
     “I think you should wear the ice blue dress I chose, Paige. It suited you so much when you tried it on yesterday.”
    “Done,” Paige said, she couldn’t be bothered arguing with her sister when there were so many other important issues going on in the world.
     “I better go and see if it’s possible to talk Rebel out of whatever trashy outfit she’s decided to wear,” Shiloh stated matter-of-factly.
      Paige smiled. Moments later, Paige looked at herself in the mirror and was reasonably satisfied with the result. She looked slim and strong (she’d joined the school gymnastics team in eighth grade and never stopped going). Her hair was tonged into curls and her clothes were unfussy, just the way she liked them. To keep her older sister happy she added lip gloss and blush before she left the house. Oh, and mascara because Rebel once told her it, “brings out your eyes,” and even though Rebel was wrong about most things, Paige thought she was right about this one.