Monday, May 6, 2013


This part is so exciting I’m nearly salivating just writing the words.
First up, it’s easy to start junk food binging when you are writing. I’d try to advise against that. Have healthy snacks and food you like on hand. Try to eat healthy stuff, it keeps you alert. Save the junk food for when you just have to have it -  as a reward (maybe, although we all know food shouldn't be a reward but you know what I mean...) It’s good to try to eat the foods that love you back. But sometimes only the yumminess is enough. Your call.
You could have a reward system. I used to like that. Moderation is key!
For example, after you’ve finished, say, ten pages of your rough draft (assuming you've already outlined your plan-of-action) you might like to reward yourself with…er… some chocolate… or a nice apple… or some M&M’s. (A nice apple would be the healthy option but we are all human and sometimes we naturally gravitate towards the M&Ms... just don’t go stir crazy over sugar. It’s easy to do this when you are writing assignments and novels but a word to the wise: try to eat healthy. Your body is going to love you for it!)
Always try to make healthy food yummy… your call.
So, have your food supplies covered. Note: Have healthy options as well as treats (but only when deeply necessary or you may start only eating treats instead of healthy options and well, you know where that is leading us).
Drinks are important.
Stay hydrated with water. Also find something warm you like to drink (go easy on the sugar – or try to – but it’s hard, I know!) It’s just that warmth is comfort and sometimes words don’t love you back!
This is what I like to drink:
·         Tea with milk but no sugar
·         Coffee (caramel or vanilla flavored) upon waking (but I’m trying to give it up)
·         Water (instead of juice, but I prefer juice)
·         I’ve recently discovered chai at home – but I prefer the version I buy when I’m out.
When I'm working on a novel I like to eat:
Boiled or poached eggs or porridge with blueberries for breakfast. Sometimes I have toast or cereal.
I love salads, chicken or sandwiches for lunch.
I’d love to have a piece of cake for afternoon tea, every afternoon but I save it for a treat. Hummingbird cake and chocolate cake are my favourite types of cake. I also love cupcakes but I haven’t made any for a while…
I adore banana smoothies (& I love vanilla and chocolate milkshakes but I’m convinced banana smoothies are the vitamin dense milkshake option).
You might like to try:
(A* Healthy version)
·         One banana
·         Handful of ice
·         Two large dessert spoons of plain unsweetened yoghurt
·         Pinch of nutmeg
·         Dash of vanilla essence
·         Two teaspoons (or more to taste) of honey.
Put it all in your blender
Whip it up!
Drink icy cold with cinnamon on top

 (B* Other version)
·         One banana
·         Two scoops of vanilla ice cream (maybe just one if they are big scoops!)
·         Pinch of nutmeg
·         Dash of vanilla essence
·         Two teaspoons (or more to taste) of honey
·         Spoonful of sugar (to taste)
Put it all in your blender
Whip it up!
Drink icy cold with cinnamon sugar on top
I love this recipe so much! I hope you enjoy it as much as me:)

*A note on "other food". By this, I'm referring to the necessity to have a roof over your head and the basics covered during the period you want to write your novel. You may decide to do this over a long period (like, a year) and fit it into your normal routine. You may have a vacation between school or college semesters. You may decide to stay with friends or family and write your novel intensely over that period... if you are invited! You may still be living at home or in a place of your own... the point is, adapt to whatever your circumstances allow. Just make sure you have the roof, food and funds part covered (and the desk, chair and space.) It is a noble thing to work during the day and scribble by night. It is also great if you have your old room available to you to hide out for a month or two and get that novel draft done! But only if the peeps around you are supportive. If they are not, and you are old enough you don't need me to tell you it might be best to get a job, keep a job and write when you get the chance to do so. Better yet, if you have some funds set aside, give yourself a space to work on that novel, then you get to move back to normality when your writing is done. There is no metaphorical 'statute of limitations' on creativity. Some people take a year to get that draft done, some take a month. I believe, some, have done it in a week.... every person is going to be different. 

But getting back to reality...

Once you've got your smoothie (which counts as both your food and drink should you want to work through - though I'd advise getting up and stretching when you need to!), you should sit at your desk in your comfy chair and take a piece of paper and jot down your ideas. Your first ideas for your novel. Go to it, Lovelies! Tap into your creative energy. The sky is the limit - at first. If you like to draw, why not sketch some images also? You may draw a house or a character or the clothes they wear. It all adds up to an idea - who knows you might like to try a graphic novel one day (or straight up!) I hear they are hot, hot, hot.