Thursday, March 27, 2014


Though I've published a lot of teen type stories on my blog, my taste in writing and reading is ecclectic and varied. I'm currently reading something that's not exactly mainstream:)

Morrissey's memoir: pretentiously titled, Autobiography by Morrissey is so brilliantly written it makes me want to holler, "This is Ah-mazing" - all auto-biographies should be written this lyrically and visually; few are. You have the sense that he really lived this and wrote it without 'help' and burnt the paper after he wrote it and re-wrote it again a thousand times or once until it was just as close to Morrissey-deemed-perfection as possible. Unusual phrasing, interesting subject matter, completely, uniquely, ah-mazing. IF you're into reading about music and people who've lived non-traditional lives and see the glass as half empty instead of half full this (*warning Morrissey is almost *unrelentingly depressing and sees the worst in almost everything around him) is gonna rock your world. Even if you are an optimist, this autobiography is illuminating. Morrissey writes candidly and caustically about people in the public eye or behind the scenes in the music biz. The same people who'd mostly be read about via PR damage-control press releases. So we see his world through his eyes. Everything about it is unusual even when it's ordinary (ie. his horrendous sounding school days in Manchester). The prose is out of this world, though, which elevates this and places Autobiography up there on my list of great reads:) I'm only part-way through it but I wanted to write something about it here. I'm returning to my Kindle to finish it now!