Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Pride & Princesses is set more than a decade before The Hotness and Popular.  The Hotness is a bridging story between Pride & Princesses and Popular. It is largely unedited. I wrote it for the readers who asked why Pride & Princesses couldn’t be more like Pride and Prejudice and complained about the ending of Pride & Princesses (&while Popular was in the process of a copy edit!) You might want to check it out if you've read Pride & Princesses, but remember, it's unedited... (so The Hotness is probably just for ma tweeps, lovelies).

When Mouche and Phoebe (BFFs) invent a high school dating game which seems very successful, a group of mean girls called 'The Princesses' want 'in' on the game. The prize? The hottest guy in school - Mark Knightly... (but first, the girls might have to learn a few lessons about dating, friendship and true romance).

The Sunrise stories I have written should be read as follows:
#1 Pride & Princesses, #2The Hotness, #3Popular (or you might just like to skip The Hotness (if you are familiar with Pride and Prejudice) and read Popular:) as The Hotness was uploaded onto my blog as a draft. It’s up to you, lovelies. Popular is a nod to Emma, but then again, it also brings full circle some of the characters that began in Pride & Princesses… 

And now? I’m finishing the final draft of a novel I’ve been working on since 2008, finally. It’s about a group of empowered teens and the action takes place over two hundred years on two continents…  At the moment, some of it is written in Latin so get ready.

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