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Thursday, December 1, 2011


If the cards were dealt until the end and either me or Mouche or both of us ended up with a red card, we would meet ‘the one’.
     ‘Of course, a real teen psychic wouldn’t need cards but sometimes our intuition about ourselves requires a little push along. Besides, I’d never claim to be totally psychic, just kind of telepathic. I can feel when the  Princesses are using their negative energy against us,’ Mouche said, spraying essential oils to deflect bad energy.
      ‘Oh, me too. I’m not actually psychic, but I totally read people. I sense it when they like me or when they give me their nasty, jealous vibes...’ I added.
      We’d both been victims of the jealous vibe at HSYL. In any case, our card games were just for fun. We had a rule – never to ask a bad question that we didn’t want to know the answer to and never to dwell on anything negative or mean.
     Mouche was still dealing; she had nine cards left...
    ‘Red, red, black, red, black...and here are the answers for two Princesses: Teegan (black), Tory (black), and Phoebe...’
    ‘Don’t turn it!’ I suddenly screamed.
    ‘It’s just a game Pheebs, besides, you can never be sure of the vibes for yourself...and only God knows the future...’
     ‘Oh..okay,’ I was ready to look with one hand covering my right eye ‘’
     Phoebe smiled.
     ‘Now it’s my turn... you know what? I’m not going to look!’
     ‘You promised!’ I yelled.
     ‘The future is what you make it; it can change every second...I’m going for a swim.’
     Just as Mouche stuck her card in the middle of the pack, a corner hung out. When she turned her back to dive into the water, I sneaked a peak.
     The card was red. It was the Ace of Hearts. True love.