Thursday, April 11, 2013

SNOW BRIGHT by Summer Day: "The cell phone never lies" #FIVE

The cell phone never lies
    Lavinia dropped her pom poms and raced to the chemical romance classroom. Quickly she mixed various formulas and came up with an extra potion that was sure to have a longer effect. She texted:
     Ring ring on my phone, is this the formula? Please intone.
     Yes Lavinia, you are all politeness when you want something.
     Raising her eyebrow, Lavinia texted: sorry for dropping you.
     Lavinia spent at least ten minutes mixing the formula. She literally ran out of the classroom and caught Jack leaving when her phone rang a red alert.
     The first person Jack loves is the person who wears your winter gloves.
     Cryptically, that’s all the text said.
     Quickly, Lavinia raided her locker to collect her cream angora woolen gloves. She pulled them onto her hands along with her coat. She hoped she’d got it right this time, finally.
     Lavinia wielded her power in the hallway as she chased after Jack. She only had to flick her winter scarf in the air for her minions to part and empty the hall. Lavinia needed this moment, alone with Jack. Her phone kept mocking her texting her the question and answer over and over:
   Ring ring, that boy’s no tool. Who is the fairest in the school?
   Well, you used to be Lavinia, but now you are yesterday’s news. Today it’s Sara Bright.   
    Lavinia nearly lost it, throwing her phone at the wall in anger. She smashed a few of the pink rhinestones but realized how foolish it was to take her frustrations out on her trusty smart phone, and gathered the pieces into her purse to stick back onto her phone cover – later.  She switched off her cell, never one to let the truth halt her ambition.
   Jack was nowhere to be found.
   Lavinia stormed out of the school and marched up to Jack Hunter who was practicing shots through the hoop, waiting for Sara.   
  “You look hot. Here I have some water. It hasn’t been used.”
   Lavinia reached out and handed him a flask.
   He’d never been challenged by a girl before but he was thirsty. He opened the lid.
   “By the way, I know your little secret and I think it’s hot. We might have comparable skills. You should come with me this afternoon. We could all hang out.”
    Jack rolled his eyes and took a sip. It tasted good, refreshing, better than water. He looked up. Lavinia smiled.    
   Jack wasn’t sure what was holding Sara up. They were supposed to be practicing object merging again tonight. It couldn’t hurt to check out the queen bee’s skill set.
   “Drink up,” Lavinia said as they waited in the parking lot, “you played a great game.”
  “Thanks,” Jack said. Lavinia was starting to look much prettier than usual; her personality seemed nicer, her hair blonder, her smile… sweeter.