Thursday, April 11, 2013

SNOW BRIGHT by Summer Day: Happily Ever After #NINE

Happily ever after

It was a cold winter night when Jack and Sara arrived in the entrance hall of Sloane Select. The auditorium was lit up with winter Christmas lights for the dance.
    Jack and Sara walked in holding hands. There was no use pretending they were just like everyone else. They were different, stronger, more than just some fairy tale teens in school. Sara stopped wanting to pretend they were just like everyone else, especially tonight. They couldn’t pretend Lavinia was just your average mean teen girl any longer, could they?
     Sara wore a gorgeous blue dress and her hair was in a braided up do. The clasps in her hair changed color with the temperature, from gold to glass to pink and shining. Jack had even remembered the corsage, which also changed flowers with the change in music. They designed the corsage in the car on the way to school. It was really quite easy to conjure with the help of the magical notes. Lavinia’s hands had been all over them, of course, even though they’d managed to retrieve most of the pages. Somehow Jack had Lavinia’s gloves in his pockets.
     Sara was freezing and wore them.  It was time for Lavinia to pay for everything she’d done. Jack and Sara wanted her disempowered, out of their chemical romance class, maybe even out of the school for abusing and stealing the formulas of others. There were rules against that, after all.  They’d never be able to prove the trance stuff; that would be too far-fetched even for Principal Ross.
    When Lavinia arrived, Jack and Sara were waiting for her in the hallway.
    “Jack, I waited in my limo for ages, then we drove by your house but no show! What happened?”
    “Let’s just say, I came to my senses.”
    Sara stepped out from the shadows, “The love potion you stole from me wore off.”
    “But you’re supposed to be…”
    “You’re not….”
    “Sleeping? Jack came up with an antidote – you forgot to put the correct fixer with the formula, Lavinia.”
    “What’s the matter, didn’t your cell phone remind you?” Jack asked.
    A crowd of Lavinia’s chemical romance contemporaries gathered; all girls in her class she’d previously bullied.
    “What? I Uh…”
    Instantly, Lavinia stood in her perfect off the shoulder dress and placed a mote around herself, creating a gap between her and everyone else.
    “You’ll need more than that to impress us,” someone in the group said.
    With one glance, Lavinia froze the mote to ice.
     “Is that all you’ve got?” Sara asked. The music had stopped. They merged to the dance floor.
      Sara quickly melted the ice into bundles of snow which then gathered in the roof and came down upon Lavinia with a thud. Suddenly, the ice princess resembled a snow man.
      Lavinia summoned all her wicked power to detach the snow from her clothes and blast it towards the students gathered in a mob near her. In retaliation, Sara turned the snow to rays of sun, beaming down from the dark windows. Moments later, the afternoon sun shone low in the sky before turning to night.
   Lavinia was exhausted, worn out.
   Principal Ross moved towards her.
   “You have to come with me now, Lavinia. We have to talk. It has come to my attention that you’ve been stealing formulas and using them to harm others; you’re looking at suspension or worse…”
    Lavinia’s powers were weak compared to Principal Ross’s. There was no way she could go against him so soon after her exertions.
    And that was how Lavinia, the terrifying princess came to be suspended from Sloane Select High School.
    She was allowed back eventually because no one could prove that she’d truly intended to harm Sara and Jack. But Sara and Jack knew, as they danced their first dance together, that Sara would need more than a suspension to stop her from becoming a wicked little queen.
    Sara smiled at Jack who smiled in return.
    “It’s going to be a good night.”
    “Our first dance.”
    Sara leaned in and whispered.
    “Did you get it?”
    “I did.”
    “Does it work?”
     “I don’t know.”
    The phone buzzed as the song finished.
    “Pick it up,” Sara said.
    “What does it want?” Jack asked bemusedly.
    The tone was blank. Jack shrugged. Then he checked messages: Just to let you know, Lavinia Price says hello. 
  “Huh?” Jack looked at Sara.
   Tell her, we’re busy. It’s called happily ever after.
   Sure, read the reply text, good luck with that.  
   On their way to Jack’s car, Sara threw the cell in the school dumpster.
   That night, it didn’t stop ringing and in the morning an unwary freshman by the name of Rapunzel Jones picked it up just before the garbage collectors arrived.
    Rapunzel recognized the pink rhinestones and knew it belonged to Lavinia Price.
    Everyone said Lavinia was a mean girl, a wicked girl, but Rapunzel thought she was nice.  Rapunzel smiled as she texted Lavinia and they made plans to meet after school at a new amusement park called, Happily Ever After. Rapunzel had always wanted to be Lavinia Price’s helper, part of the ‘in’ crowd. Lavinia promised her if she returned her cell phone, she’d teach her everything she knew.

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