Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter twenty-eight: Girl Talk)

Chapter Twenty-eight
Girl Talk
The adjoining houses at the top of Sunrise Drive looked out across the sweep and glitter of Los Angeles. Mackenzie, who had spent at least two weeks by now preparing for her welcome to summer pool party (and hiring all of the people needed to cater, design and micro manage it). Mackenzie herself, spent the morning of the party lying in the Day Spa in Sunrise Village contemplating her fate.
    Sure she’d signed that stupid confidentiality contract Darcy’s lawyer had sent her. After all, it wasn’t Darcy’s fault his family owned him. He’d see the error of his ways, Mackenzie was certain and fall in love with her – his childhood friend. They were meant to be. If only it wasn’t for his annoying interest in those Bennet girls. Even her brother liked the blonde one who Mackenzie grudgingly admitted was “a sweet girl.”
   That same day, Paige had been working in the snack bar at Sunrise Village Gym nearby (her second job apart from babysitting) and had noticed Darcy not noticing her behind her counter. Paige decided to text her sister to meet her for lunch.
   “I’m not speaking to Darcy first if he’s there,” she told Shiloh, who nodded understandingly. “He‘s been anti-social for weeks at school. Plus, I keep winning in debate class. Now he’s infiltrated the gym – so it’s good I’m only filling in there for another week. Besides, he hates Rys even though Rys has every reason to dislike him more. Anyway, we disagree on just about everything – but since I’m part of the Princesses – in name only, I believe I’m required to attend the party at Mackenzie’s tonight and why should I miss it just because he’s going to be there? I can’t believe those two are dating.”
    “I wouldn’t miss the Bring It On summer party for the world,” Shiloh advised. “Mackenzie’s last party was wicked. This time, I helped Mackenzie devise the costumes and decorations. It’s gonna be amazing.”
     Shiloh sipped on her tea as Paige spoke.
     A pair of hands reached around and covered Shiloh’s eyes as Mackenzie squealed.
    “Hi friends!”
    “Hi Mackenzie,” Paige said looking so over it. “I was just going to get…” Paige excused herself to order some more tea, not waiting for the waitress.
    “Oh, she must need to work off her anger issues over Darcy and me,” Mackenzie whispered when she was sure Shiloh wasn’t listening. “I’ll pray for her,” Mackenzie added, not realizing Paige had forgotten her purse and was standing right behind her. 
    “Thanks Mackenzie,” Paige said, now alongside her, “and while you’re doing that maybe you should ask Jesus to give me the strength not to blank you the next time we meet. Oh, that’s right, you’re always nice to me when other people are around. So, that would just make me look like the girl with the bad attitude.”
    “Oh, Paige. You should use your anger for good, not… this,” Mackenzie added.  “Darcy and I are meant to be. Besides, we’re all friends here. I was just telling Mackenzie how great it’s been for me to have been so welcomed into the group this semester.”
    Paige couldn’t help but wonder at Mackenzie’s amazing self-belief.
    “I’ve gotta get back to work,” Paige said.
    “Jesus gives me strength,” Mackenzie added under her breath as Paige walked off.  “Honestly,” she said, “I have no idea what’s gotten into Paige. I tried to warn her about Rys Wickam but she just won’t listen…”
    “Huh? What about Rys?” Shiloh asked.
    Mackenzie repeated… “Well, I don’t know everything but I do know Darcy and his Dad were extremely good to Wickam’s family, loaned them a ton of money to invest in their new business. The Wickams just took the money and ran. Honestly, the only reason they avoided prosecution is that Darcy’s father knew Rys and didn't want him to suffer. So, Darcy Senior just wrote off the debt. There was more to it than that, but that’s all I heard.”
    Shiloh took it all in. Sure, it would be useful information to share with Paige when she got a chance.