Tuesday, July 9, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter eleven: Drama)

Chapter Eleven
A few streets and one social divide away, Darcy was holed up in the huge double bedroom of his swanky Bel Air mansion changing channels on his flat screen television. The butler had the night off. His housekeeper had gone to visit her sister and the house was virtually silent.
    Darcy was bored and lonely.
    Neither of his parents was home for the weekend – as usual. They’d returned from the east coast for the weekend and his mother was out socializing with the Ladies Of Bel Air Society and his father was ‘working late’ at the bank’s LA office which meant he was probably having an affair with his secretary.
    It was up to Darcy to field the call from his fifteen year old sister, Blair, who was being released from her teen rehab center the next day.
    “Hey,” Darcy said. He felt very protective towards his sister, though it wasn’t cool to admit it. She’d been on his mind since school started.
    “Hey Darcy, where’s mom?” Blair asked hesitantly.  
    “Oh, she had to rush out – something urgent …”
    “Oh… ”
    “Well, I’ll come up to see you tonight, if you’re allowed visitors.”
    “Well, I’m kind of tired now Darcy, but thanks for offering.”
     Already Blair was beginning to think she could rely on Darcy better than her own parents.
     “I’m kind of happy to be getting out of here tomorrow. They say I’m fixed… sort of. Ongoing self-esteem issues from the bullying at an all-girl’s school, that kind of thing.”
     Darcy wasn’t sure what to say so he told her about school.
     “It sounds like fun,” Blair said.
     “Well, it’s different. There’s this debate speech I’m supposed to prepare tonight and there is this girl in my class who is driving me crazy…”
     Blair instantly told him that she’d be fine if he wanted to go do that, then she burst into tears and told him that she’d really expected mom to be talking with her tonight.
     “You know what? I’m coming over,” Darcy said, “the speech can wait. I’ll help you pack your things and even stay at the center tonight if I’m allowed, then I can drive you home tomorrow. I think you’ll feel happier in the new house – we have all your belongings that have just arrived in a box from Australia.”
     Blair stopped crying instantly. Darcy was a good brother – the best. As for Darcy, he knew preparing some lame debate for English class would have to take second place to caring for his sister. He was loyal to his family, he understood his priorities and really wasn’t quite the uncaring person everyone had mistaken him for.