Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter nineteen: Getting the part)

Chapter Nineteen
Getting the part
    Not long after Spring Awakening: the revised G Rated version went into dress rehearsal, Thom called me on my cell phone one afternoon.
     I’d totally forgotten he’d even reminded me to be on standby.
     “Hello,” I said in my best theatrical voice – excusing myself from class, no less.    “Guess what pumpkin… I just called your mom…”
     “And your lawyer...”
     “You got the part!”
     “Are you serious?”
     “Yeah, normally they cast older to play younger but they wanted the real thing – you! You got the part. No need to quit school, they should be able to film it in under a month. It’s just a pilot episode at this point…”
     “Wow.” I tried to sound excited. It’s just that, finally, school was starting to get interesting. I was even helping Mackenzie organize her winter pre-prom party this weekend. I was sure to see Darcy and Ryan and Paige and…
      “You start next week…”
      “Don’t worry, we have an on set tutor organized. Besides, we only have to film the pilot. If it is accepted by the network, you could think of it as your summer job. Filming on the actual series won’t start until next June. So, aim for at least a fortnight off school…”
     Of course I said yes, without thinking. Acting was my dream – at least I told myself it was. And besides, most shows got cancelled after the pilot season and of course, it was too good an opportunity to say no to. Besides, I’d probably only miss dress rehearsals. I wasn’t sure how that would impact on everyone else.  
     I hoped I’d never be too busy to socialize.