Tuesday, July 9, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter five: The Bennet Sisters)

Chapter Five
The Bennet Sisters
   “Did you see that? He just brushed past us and almost knocked my folder off the table,” Paige Bennet said.
   “Is he the new boy with the yummy accent?”
   “Yes. Apparently being polite is not high on his list of priorities.”
   “You should give him a chance.”
    “We go to the same school. That means we’re going to be seeing a lot of those boys.”  
    “Well I don’t like the dark haired one. He thinks he’s so handsome. He looks like he eats girls for breakfast and spits them out for lunch. He looks like a typical sexist, arrogant… “
    “You better find a way to get along with him. He’s in your debate class,” Shiloh added, looking up from her schedule.  
    “Great, just what I need - a boy who thinks he’s not only prettier than me, but smarter to boot.”
    “He can’t be all bad, Paige. His friend seems… so nice,” Shiloh assured her sister.
    “You’ve spoken to him?”
    “Not yet, but I’m about to. He put his name down for Spring Awakening. By the way, I put yours down too.”
    “Great,” Paige said, as if it wasn’t.  

     Shiloh, if I gave you the right impression, was dreamy and sweet and kind. Paige was not as easy to like upon first impressions. Most girls were threatened by her. She was pretty (though she tried to hide it) and she had ambition. Paige Bennet wanted to be the first woman in her family to go to law school. Paige was a bit of a high achieving control freak, I’d have to state for the record, but she was also a girl Veronica, Honey and I grew to look up to over time. Right from the start, she spoke her mind. I just wished she matched it with the right shade of lipstick.  
    The next morning, Sia and Rebel raced off to their home rooms with me. Senta, on the other hand had wandered off to her morning prayer group, The Praise & Worshipfuls, and then to the music department where her first lesson – piano – would be presided over by her new favorite teacher, Mr Benz. Mr Benz was widely thought of as being not entirely unfortunate-looking. I’d say he was passably cute.

    Meanwhile, Shiloh and Paige headed to their connecting homerooms. Paige was  still unable to pull her head out of the novel she was reading, all about a young girl who wanted to rule the world but her evil Uncle, who already ruled the world, wouldn’t let her and didn’t think her capable and tried to lock her in a tower forever. But the girl escaped and got revenge…