Sunday, July 28, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter twenty: A house is not a home)

Chapter Twenty
A house is not a home
    That weekend, I was with Mackenzie folding napkins in her mansion. I’d been looking forward to checking out her place for days and now, here I was. It was something else to be allowed into chez Bingley and see their gaudy wealth displayed up close and personal.  
    I expected Mackenzie to be miserable about me leaving for almost a whole month to film the pilot, but she wasn’t.
    “Life goes on Wednesday! I’m so proud of my little protégé but I’ve already arranged your replacement,” Mackenzie said matter-of-factly flicking on her horoscope app of the day. “I really think all my advice has helped this opportunity come into your life. You shouldn’t forget to tell everyone I’m like a big sister to you when you start doing press interviews…”   
    Mmm… all her tutoring? Mostly she asked me about Paige and Shiloh and sighed over Darcy. She continued, “I just hope Honey does half as good a job of folding those napkins for me as you do…” and smiled as she took the pile upstairs with her.  
    Honey? My best friend had already accepted my job as Mackenzie’s ‘helper’? Well, it wasn’t like we’d had much of a chance to talk. I was sure she meant to tell me… and soon. 
    Mackenzie’s voice trailed down behind her as she walked.   
    “Oh, guess who is coming over? Darcy! You can stay if you like. I’ve invited Shiloh and Paige around for lunch. We have a lot of stuff to organize for the party and you can help.”
    Mackenzie tested the lights in the hallway as I stood there wondering who would take my place in Spring Awakening... assuming I’d miss that as well.  
    “There,” Mackenzie said, as she turned on the fairy lights, “this place looks just like a scene from Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, pre-guest arrival, of course. Chez Bingley is going to be the perfect place to hold a pool party!”