Sunday, August 18, 2013

POPULAR by SUMMER DAY (chapter eight: global warming)

Chapter Eight
Global Warming
    School is like a microcosm of our eco-system. Like fish, peeps need to be tended. Every face in the hallway the next morning was a potential match and it occurred to me, that if everyone in the world had the right match, there wouldn’t be any wrong ones. Well, not as many. So really, I was doing work for the environment.
     During library class, I continued working on my list of potential male matches, starting, of course, with Ethan (he just didn’t know it). Then, of course, there was Rafe Martin, Mr Henry and Flynn.
    Mr Henry seemed to be making an effort at first with Ms Dash but all of that seemed to stop this semester. I haven’t seen them together in days.
    I typed into my laptop next to their matching photos; success pending.     
    I moved on to Flynn whose popularity yet obvious loneliness had captured my imagination from the beginning. From our days spent at Sunrise pool I wrote:
    Flynn Elton is maximus cutest and wildly popular but beset by scandal.  
    Rumor has it he is the illegitimate son of the headmaster Mr Elton.
    It was a good thing I wasn’t writing on the web. I’d never put my private files out there – I’m like a legal firm.
     Of course, Mr Elton denies any association but I’ve heard from one of my mom’s friends on the social committee that that’s just not true. In fact, Flynn’s mother is my father’s legal advisor and since Flynn transferred from some private school in Upstate New York, the whispers have just grown louder. 
    School had only been ‘back in session’ (as I like to say) for a month when I sat in my bedroom one Saturday afternoon as the sun set across the hills from Beverly Hills. I’d promised to meet Ethan (who was all about training for the swim team – the Knightly men are good swimmers) in the pool at my place. My dad was home early and wanted to have a barbeque. Ethan had, of course, invited his new girlfriend Gigi (they’re officially dating) as well as Ariel. I’d invited my group plus Flynn, Ty and Hills.
   It was twilight, and I’d worn my favorite post-summer outfit; jeans and strappy platform sandals. I put my swimsuit on underneath – my favorite one that is 1980s retro.    
    I grabbed my laptop (to make minor adjustments if needed) and went downstairs to join my guests. Veronica, Tyler and Hilary had already arrived. Hilary looked amazing since we made her over and I told her so after Tyler and I air kissed.  
   “Honey are you having ketchup with your food?” Daddy asked.
   “Of course, I’m eating healthy this week,” I replied.
   Ethan laughed then behaved like his usual childish self, pretending to be a whale in the pool as Hilary and Tyler dived in with him.  They floated around and splashed me as I sat on the side finishing my blog post. I kept busy whilst others socialized. I had some serious work to do in the form of writing up my recent post on my matchmaker blog. All peeps remained anonymous. No rest for the wicked as they say. I wore my prop glasses – the ones with the fake glass that make me appear far more academic than I really am.
    Honestly? It’s for Ethan’s own good. He needs someone who is truly a thinker, not just a pretender like Gigi. I think he’ll realize what an airhead his new girlfriend is soon, even if she does purport to take physics.
   As I dressed the salad, Wednesday arrived. She looked gorgeous as usual and everyone already knew her from school so they didn’t treat her like a television star, which she loves. Wednesday isn’t filming this afternoon. “I’m so glad you’re here,” I said, giving her a huge hug.
   “Me too,” she said. Wednesday is way smart, her show even has its own fan club. Wednesday was almost waylaid by earlier family tragedy but remains resoundingly optimistic about most things. Wednesday is also a sophomore now and totally fashionable. I’m not saying she’s amazingly popular, though, she just has her group of loyal friends. I’ve noticed some people don’t really like talented, pretty girls but to those girls, I say – do not hide your light. If you do, you’ll regret it.
   Honestly? I’m rich and decorative but I’m not talented in any obvious area, like Wednesday. It’s what stops people openly hating me. Plus, I don’t get amazing grades (also, like Wednesday) so they don’t think I’m that clever (even though I’m clearly smart in matters of the heart!) Anyway, you can’t be responsible for the way others think. Girls need to get over their petty jealousies. A lotta boys are out there joining the boys club and helping each other while the only thing some girls seem to be able to do is bring down other girls. It’s not cool.
    Wednesday joined the game in the pool.
    As people splashed, I moved my laptop and noted I’d successfully made a match for my shopkeeper Mr Styles when I introduced him to his now fiancĂ©e, only two months ago! Now, peeps say you should spend more than a few weeks with someone before making that kind of commitment but I think when it’s right, it’s right. I snapped my web page shut and swan died into the pool. It’s impolite not to act social once all the guests have arrived and Daddy was just about to remind me.    
     If you were to look into my world that day, you’d witness a perfect teen-friendly family pool party. You’d never predict the ructions about to affect my eco-system the following week.  You’d never guess that by the end of the month I’d be on my way to becoming a social zero.