Saturday, August 10, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter fifty-one: At the dorm)

Chapter Fifty-one
At the dorm (or ‘college’ as it is known in England)

     The truth is, it was more than fate, Darcy thought, that he’d met up with Paige again.
    In truth, he’d never really forgotten her.
    Paige was the first girl to ever turn him down and make him account for himself. In some ways, it was even possible he was a better person because of Paige.
    He tried to tell himself she was more trouble than she was worth but he knew that wasn’t true. Especially, since his cousin, Tag Donovan, asked about her after she’d left.
    “Who’s the hot girl?”
    “Oh, nobody,” Darcy said. “Just someone I went to school with for a while – in the states.”
    “Well, if you’re not interested, I am.”
    Darcy didn’t smile. He’d pretended not to like her so his cousin wouldn’t. He was surprised how possessive he sounded when he snapped, “I didn’t say that,” he added.  
    His cousin smiled. He knew Darcy. Darcy had dated half the girls in college and they all were after his fortune now that his great aunt had also decided to leave Pemberly (the house in Oxfordshire) to him – on the condition he marry her adopted daughter. Darcy was having none of it, but he liked the convenience of having family close by.
     For his part, Darcy had smiled as Paige talked. At eighteen, Paige was more beautiful than ever and she hoped, now that both of them were in relatively unfamiliar territory, that they might even be friends.
     Their colleges were close to each other as it turned out. Whilst Paige sat in the downstairs cafĂ©, researching past midnight, every night for a few days, Darcy could see her from his room in the college directly opposite hers.
     He thought about going downstairs one evening and telling her how sorry he was that he’d messed up at school.
     But he didn’t.
     He had a better plan.
    He wanted to be cooler than that.
    Darcy wanted to show her his hot, new car, his family riches. He wanted to impress her. And to do that, he’d need to get her to agree to go out with him on a real date. That would be sure to impress her.  He picked up his cell. A telephone call – that would be so unexpected, it might even seal the deal.
      Paige was surprised to see her cell vibrate on mute. Sure it was her family in the States she picked it up on the third shake.
      “Paige? It’s Darcy.”
      “Oh… I didn’t expect…”
      “I know it’s midnight. I can’t sleep. Look up.”
       Paige looked out of the window and saw him standing there. He gave a quick wave – Oxford must have taught him some manners.”
        Paige waved back.
        “So, um, I was wondering if you wanted to go out tomorrow. It’s our day off and I thought I might take you sightseeing - if you’re free.”
        “Um… well, Coco has to be at a music recital so, sure. Ok.”

      “Great, pick you up outside your college at ten in the morning.”