Thursday, August 8, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter thirty-two: conversations & considerations )

Chapter Thirty-two
Conversations & considerations
    Rys whined, “Honestly? I considered not coming once I realized Darcy was going to be here.” Paige looked at Darcy then and Darcy glared back.
    “Well, it’s kind of close to where he lives…” Paige added with a look of disbelief on her face.
      Meanwhile, as Mackenzie tweaked Darcy’s collar, Darcy couldn’t believe Paige was “so into” Rys Wickam.
     “Don’t worry about that little climber, Darcy. (*Mackenzie called the Bennets ‘climbers’ - as in 'social climbers' - but Darcy knew differently).
      If Paige and Shiloh were really social climbers, surely they’d be into him?!
    If only she knew the truth, Darcy thought as he changed into his suit in his room which overlooked the barbeque being served outside the Bingley mansion. If only she knew that in a few weeks he’d need a fake girlfriend to secure his future and with that security he intended to not just help himself, but others as well.
    It had been bugging him; every time he’d gone to a certain part of his neighborhood, he’d met the same old, homeless guy. He’d instructed the housekeeper to take him a box of food but he knew there had to be more he could do for him. But, of course, he’d never tell other people about his sudden sense of community obligation.
     But of course, Paige would never believe him anyway. She always seemed to think the worst of him now that they were in competition with each other and he was supposedly dating Mackenzie.
     Oh, Mackenzie! What was he thinking? What had he been on when he agreed to this sham?
     Just a moment ago, she’d tried to follow him up the stairs and smother him with kisses when there was no one around. He’d had to use all his strength to pry her pink fingernails off of him.
    What was the point of really getting with Mackenzie? Even her own brother didn’t know that she was nowhere near as together as she pretended to be.
    Just a day ago, they’d made an appearance at a club organized by his manager. Sure, they’d ended up with their photo on the web, but it was pretty embarrassing to have to hold her hair back afterwards, after she’d drank too much or taken too much of something he’d been unaware of – until she later vomited in the bathroom. It was all his fault – he should never have agreed to this. Surely a stranger would have been a better idea?
    As he pulled on a fresh shirt, he could still feel her lips on his skin and had to wipe her pink lipstick from his neck.
    Besides, Mackenzie was so needy. He had to tell her she looked pretty all the time. He still couldn’t believe he’d been so quick to agree to her offer. He’d kind of been joking. Well, this is where a joke got you.
    “Darcy? Where’s my little smexy Darcy…”
    Oh, no, Mackenzie had followed him with her little slurring baby voice…
    “Mackenzie,” Darcy began… “I don’t think…”
     Mackenzie reached up and put her finger on Darcy’s lips.
    “Don’t say another word. If you say another word there’s gonna be tears, Darcy and you don’t want to ruin my party do you?”
     Darcy just shook his head. They only had one week left of this sham.

Since his grandfather was emailing him (a lot) about a possible summer vacay, he was feeling pretty stressed. She’d have to put on a better act when his grandfather was around, maybe set aside all of this sham relationship rubbish. He’d have to speak to Mackenzie when she was sober about the terms of their contract.
     Meanwhile, he couldn’t get Paige out of his mind, but he knew she’d never have agreed to a sham arrangement.
    Of course, it was up to him to take the high road. He could always call a truce about debate club.
     Darcy thought back over the week as Mackenzie fussed over his jacket.
    Sharing detention with Paige the previous afternoon hadn’t been as bad as he thought it would be. Paige had walked so near him and been told to take a seat beside him – even though she clearly wanted to be in the opposite corner of the room. She chewed her pencil when she studied and always seemed to be thinking truly, interesting thoughts. Paige really was an outstanding debater. He had to admit to even slightly… admiring her.
    The girl wouldn’t look or even speak to him but he got a chance to study her in repose and hated to admit to anyone just how taken he was with her pert nose, creamy skin and intelligent blue eyes. Her hair was draped high in a ponytail and he couldn’t help but wonder just how annoyed she’d be if he pulled on it as he left, just to get her attention. He didn’t because it was probably harassment at his advanced teen age. Besides, he knew she’d be even madder with him than usual.
     …And so, the afternoon had worn on, but it was the best (only) detention he’d ever had.
    As Darcy combed his hair that night of the party, after changing into the clothes Mackenzie the control freak had picked for him, Paige’s face played over in his mind, like a film reel that never ended. He was glad he’d taken photography as an elective. He dreamed of being a film director and in that moment saw Paige’s face in the final reel. Snap out of it, he thought, as he hurried down the stairs. He could never tell his father he wanted to be a film maker. His father was sure he’d study to be a lawyer, like him, then run take over the companies and buy some of his own. Still, Los Angeles would be the perfect place to get creative.
     Mackenzie tugged on his hand.
    “I have a surprise for you,” she said in her little girl voice… “I hired my own publicist.”
    A camera flash went off in his face.

    Darcy put his thoughts aside as Bingley’s sister looked up at him adoringly and fake smiled.