Monday, August 12, 2013

THE HOTNESS by Summer Day is on my blog now!

I hope my lovely readers are enjoying THE HOTNESS (the final chapter is now the first on my blog, so you have to go back to the beginning to read it in sequence!). This is a bridging story between PRIDE & PRINCESSES and POPULAR (but I wrote P&P and POPULAR first). Readers familiar with Pride and Prejudice are going to recognize most of the characters in The Hotness. It's not too deep, just a little bit of fun posted as written on my blog. POPULAR is pretty special to me and I'm putting that up soon. I'd like to thank my amazing readers  - because of you this blog is heading to sixty thousand views and I'm aiming towards a hundred thousand views as my goal. If you read and enjoy, please tell your friends about my blog:) lol Summer oooxxxooo.  My Blog link: