Thursday, August 8, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter Thirty-five: Next)

Chapter Thirty-five

The older Bennet sisters slept in until their younger sisters woke them the next morning. It was a Saturday after all and the girls were filming Rys’ video at Venice Beach that afternoon. 
    Paige and Shiloh were lying in opposite beds talking about who they’d like to go to  Prom with as the younger girls shrieked and ran along the hall when they heard the car horn honking outside. Rys had kindly offered to pick them up and take them along to the set.
     Paige tried not to worry about what Darcy had told her.
    Besides, Shiloh was already planning the next dance. The Masquerade Prom was the highlight of the end of semester social calendar and every junior and senior attended.
    “Maybe I’ll go stag,” Paige said.
    “Maybe we both will if Ryan doesn’t ask me!” Shiloh replied.
    They both laughed.
    “We could always go together. Two sad sisters side by side.”
    “Or with Wickam,” Shiloh said. “though I’m a bit bothered by what you told me.”
     They heard the car screech off into along the road as the horn honked.
    “Oh, I just remembered. They’re filming the video in Santa Monica today.”
     “That’s right,” Paige said. “I wonder… if it’s such a good idea?”
     “Well, they have adults on set the whole time,” Shiloh shrugged. Surprisingly, Rys had offered to pick the girls up and Mrs Bennet was very impressed.  
   Paige suddenly worried about the girls spending so much time with Rys. Some of what Darcy had told her had really sunk in, and she started to wonder if someone as serious as Darcy, and as arrogant, was also the only one telling the truth.
    Sure, Rys Wickam had always been friendly to her and not a creep, but wasn’t he friends with everyone? So much so that Paige had ignored his reputation as more than just a flirt. He had supposedly slept with at least three seniors – none of whom were still his friends. Paige thought this was seriously easy of him.
    Man sluts were so irritating.
    She’d put Darcy in that category at first, though he seemed exclusive  now – with Mackenzie. Paige rolled her eyes as she brushed her teeth. She wasn’t sure what was worse - a single Darcy or a Darcy with an accomplice.
     When Paige went down to breakfast that morning, her mother had a smile on her face.
      I have a prom date for you Paige.
      “Amadeus! I suggested…”
      “Are you serious?”
      “Paige, dear, he’s here with us until then – you know his other family decided to stay in Europe. Now, Amadeus has something he wants to ask you….”
     Amadeus hadn’t said a word to Paige since his arrival. He had spent some time studying her profile. He’d also offered to pass her the butter at the dinner table on more than one occasion. This morning he was looking decidedly worse for wear.
    “He-llo Paige,” Amadeus said hesitantly, as he looked up from sending a text to his parents.
    “Good morning, Amadeus.”
    “Um… ah… I believe it’s the custom… ah… I wanted to ask you if you would like to come to prom with me…”
    “Ah…”  Paige didn’t know what to say. Could she tell him she was hoping a boy who ignored and insulted her would ask?
     “Um…” Paige couldn’t think of an excuse without lying or saying something mean. At that point, her friend Coco walked into the kitchen. Paige had forgotten they’d decided to work on debates and then go shopping that morning.
    “Hey, Paige. I’ve been waiting outside in the car. I just texted.”
    “Hi. Just on my way… out…”
    “Hi Amadeus, what’s up?”
    “Oh, um, we were talking about prom.”
   “Oh, right, well, I’m putting a group together of all the exchange students if you wanna join?”
    “Ah…” Amadeus shrugged. “Sure… if it’s okay with Paige.”
    “That’s great. Perfect. You’ll get to meet everyone that way.”
     Amadeus didn’t look too disappointed.
   Paige realized this that morning:  Friends like Coco were gold.
   To Paige, Amadeus was the last person she envisaged as a boyfriend but Coco seemed to find something interesting in him. Although Paige was quite surprised, she was also glad.

     “I’m really just planning on going alone or in a group,” Paige said when her mother asked about Amadeus that night whilst they stacked the dishwasher.  
    “Are you serious Paige? You may regret that. It’s the junior prom.”
   “I don’t really mind, Mom. I have more important things to worry about.”
   “Well, I can’t believe you let your friend steal a perfectly good available male – now you could end up going alone and looking as if no one wanted you.”
   “Oh, mom, that is so 1998. I am fine with being single and going by myself if it comes to that.”
   “Well, your sisters won’t be – Shiloh already has a date planned.”
   “Really? You mean Ryan asked her?”
   “Not exactly, but he will ask her. Oh Paige, sometimes I worry about you. Shiloh is so sweet and kind and beautiful.  And you are very pretty also, but you are so forthright and studious, I fear you may miss out…”
   “Well, better to miss the prom than miss my travel trip to London, England.  Prizes are announced next month.” 
   “Even so, Paige, I think you should go upstairs and tell that boy your plans have fallen through and you can go with him.”
   “No Mom, no way.”
   “I’m going to speak to your father, I think you have to stop staying in and studying and start socializing.”
   “Mom, don’t worry about me, it’s Rebel and Sia you need to worry about…” Paige had a habit of being right about these things.