Saturday, August 10, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter fifty-seven: interrogation nation)

Chapter Fifty-seven
Interrogation Nation
  Before dinner, Darcy’s great-aunt came into the drawing room to introduce herself to Paige.
   “How do you do?” she asked rather formally, looking Paige up and down. “Where are you from dear?”
   “America, Los Angeles.”
   “Oh, really?” She looked at Darcy distastefully. He suddenly knew introducing Paige to his great-aunt so early on – before Paige was officially his girlfriend, was probably a mistake.  
   “Well, we’re really hoping Darcy ends up back in Australia with the other half or stays here after he’s finished all of this study nonsense. Wouldn’t happen if he married an American now would it?”
   Paige noted she said the word ‘American’ as if it were an infection of some sort. Paige felt like she had to defend herself, “Ah… really, we’re just friends.”
    “Yes, well, he always liked Mackenzie at school but I’m hoping he’ll warm to my Mariah when he meets her.” Lady Donovan leaned in with a whisper, “So, I’d keep my hands off him if I were you. It’ll only end in tears.”
    Paige didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    “Actually, we just ran into each other in town… I’m here for my college debate final.”
   “Oh…” Darcy’s great-aunt peered at Paige, “Friends as well as lovers, then. Well, I’d keep my claws off him all the same.”
    Darcy had started fidgeting in the corner of the room, apparently he hadn’t heard what his great-aunt said. As he wandered over, his great-aunt started smiling again, pretending to be nice.
   Thankfully, he hadn’t heard his great-aunt’s most recent insult or it would have been all out war. The pale look on Paige’s face said it all. He should never have left her alone with his great aunt and if she was this bad, imagine how much worse his great uncle (Darcy was his sole heir) might be.
   “At least he’s back from Australia,” (she pronounced it Orst-ralia), “fearfully hot place, full of colonials and the Irish, well, I suppose it takes all sorts to make a world…”
   Paige heard a cough in the corner of the room and noticed Darcy’s great-uncle in the corner hunched over an atlas.
   “This is going to be fun,” Paige thought sarcastically as the dinner party walked into the dining room and Lady Donovan talked up the value of her creepy antiques.
   Paige couldn’t wait to get home to text her sister.
   When it came to dinner, Lady Donovan had the table placements pre-arranged.
   “No no, Darcy, you sit here,” Lady Donovan patted the seat beside her. Paige was placed at the other end of the table near Lord Donovan who had not yet spoken. Let’s just say, Paige’s first meal at an English country mansion was something to remember – and not in a good way.
     Finally when pudding was served, or did she imagine it, Lord Donovan looked up from his newspaper and spoke, “nice day for hunting then?”