Sunday, August 18, 2013

POPULAR by SUMMER DAY (Epilogue by Phoebe Knightly)

Epilogue by Phoebe Knightly
Post college graduation
    It was a perfect day when Ethan and Honey got married.
    At first, we were all going to go to the most exclusive hotel in town for the reception but Honey wanted to have it at home, around the pool, near long trestle tables covered in food and drinks and lights, near the waterfall where she and Ethan fell in love.
   Honey had six bridesmaids but the head bridesmaids were me and Wednesday (Mouche’s half-sister) and little Emily Mouche, my daughter,  who was the flower girl.
    I couldn’t help but think of my best friend forever and how much Mouche would have loved such a beautiful day. 
    Mark and I gave a huge hug to Mouche and Jet Campbell’s daughter – my goddaughter, Sienna – such an adorable girl and a great ballet dancer. I’m not sure if she’ll join a dance company, but she’s so good, I think she’ll be asked to join one of the top companies if she wants to make dance her career.  It’s likely she’ll do whatever she sets her mind on  – just like Honey and Wednesday and my little Emily Mouche who is already making her opinions felt on a consistent basis.
    I don’t see enough of Sienna since she and Jet live in New York City (should I say Boston here – would they have moved from NYC or stayed?)  but when we get together it is as if she never left. Sienna loves Wednesday and Honey and Emily Mouche as well.
    It was wonderful to all be together again: the Knightlys, the Campbells and the Woodhouses. We celebrated until midnight over long trestle tables laden with flowers, ribbons, food and lights. Honey brought us all together like a lucky charm.  
    I never saw a couple (in recent years) more in love – although they denied it. Right up until the week before they actually got married. Honey was trying to over organize everything.  I told her she was in danger of becoming a bridezilla, so she stopped.
   “You are so right, Phoebe. I just want everything to be as perfect as possible.”
    And it was.