Saturday, August 10, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter forty-eight: Another country)

Chapter Forty-eight
Another country

When Paige arrived in London it was like another world. It was another world. The sky at Heathrow airport was overcast and crowded and the air from the minute she stepped outside with her group from customs, was cold. There were no open freeways in the main part of the city or the West End as it was known, where Paige and the rest of the debate team were to spend the night. The town seemed so ancient, it was ancient, a mix of very old (and some new) architecture. Coco came to the airport to surprise Paige.
    “Whoah, it’s so great to see you after the long trip.”
    “I’ve missed my friend so much,” the girls hugged and Coco had arranged to join in with the sightseeing. After taking their luggage to a small hotel, the group hopped on a bus, then did lots of walking around the West End.
    There was cobbled stone lane ways that went from one street to the next like a maze. There was also a pub on every corner and now that the girls were all eighteen (the legal drinking age in England) they could hang out at bars, even the hotel bar if they wanted to. But drinking was the last thing on Paige’s mind. Paige chose to go over her final debate topics the night before they reached Oxford, but when that was done all the girls got dressed and went to a little French restaurant in Covent Garden before going to see Once on the West End. It was such a beautiful musical all about an Irish musician and a girl he meets busking on the street. Coco and Paige were talking about how much fun they were having as they walked out into the night air afterwards.
    “London grows on you,” Coco announced.
    “I love it here,” Paige added, “it’s the exact opposite of Los Angeles but they still speak English.”
    “Barely,” Coco joked. . 
     At the hotel, in Covent Garden, the girls were treated to room service for breakfast with the rest of the group.

   Then, the bus that would take them to Oxford arrived.