Thursday, August 8, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter thirty: Get your party on)

Chapter Thirty
Get your party on
    Other juniors and some seniors had started to arrive in groups and began walking up the pathway. Paige and Shiloh were not the first girls to arrive, which was a relief to both of them. Everyone was dressed to party. Some of the boys were dressed as football players and mascots, others wore sunglasses and beach towels.
   There was a long trestle table in the middle of the mansion, so long in fact that it lead from the kitchen all the way up to the pool area, covered in food of every type.   People stared when the girls entered the room, a few people said “Hi” but everyone was pretending to be cool. At the end of the food table was Darcy, wearing board shorts and a shirt and sunglasses. The table ended in a grill and Darcy was helping with the barbeque. It was pretty surprising. He looked very casual. His sunglasses pushed up his hair and for the first time in ages, Paige could see his face which was warm and handsome. Darcy obviously wasn’t into the whole dress up scene which Mackenzie had insisted upon but he’d made an effort. Clearly, Paige and Shiloh had too.
   Nobody expected this.
   “He looks so…”
   “Down to earth,” Shiloh said.
   Paige turned her head, her pride getting the better of her.   
   Darcy certainly looked hot with his shirt hanging loose and his apparent ability to cook all manner of food on the barbeque. The food just kept on coming, even though there was a chef and a dozen waiters to take care of it.
    Paige stood in a corner and sipped her drink while the band started up and a few of the dance majors hit the dance floor, lit up in the dark with lights. This was quite tempting to Shiloh, who stood next to her sister playing with her hair and tapping her feet.
   Mackenzie, who was acting like the perfect hostess, kissed Darcy on the cheek as she took her drink then, dressed in a red satin mini cheerleading skirt and black spikey pumps walked over and hugged Shiloh. “You guys look amazing. Don’t you just love the decorations?”
    Shiloh nodded. The other Princesses had turned up dressed in matching pink cheerleading outfits and were dotted all over the room, “like candy floss” according to Paige. Paige wasn’t really into fancy dress but she’d barely had a choice.
      “Oh Shiloh, your skin looks amazing. I told you Miss Sara’s Salon for Sumptuous Complexions is the place to go. We should be BFFs forever. You are like a sister to me”
    Shiloh smiled, she wasn’t sure if Mackenzie had just given her a compliment or an insult but Shiloh, who always looked on the bright side of everything, couldn’t help but agree that Mackenzie had exceptional taste in beauty salons. Shiloh had only managed to walk by this particular one as she couldn’t afford to go in.
    “Oh, look,” Shiloh whispered to Paige after Mackenzie had socialized onto another group of guests. “Darcy is leaving.”
   “Well, of course Darcy is leaving,” Paige said. “I thought his grilling skills were being over-extended. He’s reverting and being completely anti-social as usual. Don’t look, he just wants fans.” Darcy was actually climbing over the fence taking the easy route to his house, “besides, he was so obnoxious in debate class a few days ago we both got detention and I never want to speak to him again.” 
    Shiloh smiled.
    “It’s not funny Shiloh. I can’t afford to get a single demerit if I’m going to win that debate scholarship. Remember, they only give it to two students.”