Saturday, August 10, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter fifty-three: Darcy's relatives)

Chapter Fifty-three
Darcy’s relatives
    As it happened, the Australian friends and connections of the Donovan family were all paying court to Darcy’s relatives that week. Even Mackenzie Bingley was in town to visit her brother.
    Mackenzie now considered herself a human rights activist. She justified her modeling as a stepping stone towards ‘showing face’, ‘widening her profile’ and ultimately creating her own charity to help disadvantaged women the world over. On her profile page she wrote: Mackenzie Bingley activist, feminist, model. Her family considered this just another of Mackenzie’s ‘fads’ and her father even found her ‘amusing,’ which was good for Mackenzie since he bankrolled most of her adventures.
    Ryan had flown over for the fortnight before continuing his ‘gap year’ around Europe and Asia. Mackenzie, who had delusions of being gainfully employed as a model announced that her American agent suggested she might have more of a ‘London Editorial Look.’ Besides, she wanted to catch up with Blair – and Darcy.
    Mackenzie had taken her new look to extremes. Gone was the Valley girl throwback. Mackenzie had punk style and wore extremely dark eyeliner. She looked bored all the time. She was bored all the time. Mackenzie was so over the facile world she and her brother currently inhabited.
    As they sat in the drawing room of Lady Donovan’s Georgian mansion, at the request of Lady Donovan who had known the Bingley’s since they were children, Ryan had to agree with her that he missed his family and all that was familiar. At least they still had their best friends – Darcy and Blair.
     Blair was hovering by the piano. She’d been doing an internship with a record company in London and would also be staying for the weekend. 
    Blair had been unexpectedly trying to contact her brother all morning. He still hadn’t returned her calls.
    Working in the music industry was Blair’s dream and Darcy was relieved she wouldn’t be so directionless when she finally got back to school. Blair had her brother to thank for the internship. Darcy had suggested it to Ryan, who had suggested Blair to his parents, who owned the London studio.

    While they all had morning tea and awaited news of Darcy, his great-aunt, Lady Donovan, was wondering how to set Darcy up with a future wife. Mackenzie, (who dressed in formal attire for this morning tea and was on her best behavior) seemed like just the right sort of girl to her. From the same part of the world – and from a ‘good’ family (the Donovan family came from very snobbish lineage of which Lady Donovan was most proud). Lady Donovan smiled. Darcy had always been her favorite grandchild – even if he’d apparently forgotten the brunch he’d assured her he would attend. In any case, Lady Donovan was keen that her husband’s bizarre eccentricities would not hinder Darcy’s ascent to a title and one day becoming Lord of Oxfordshire.