Saturday, August 10, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter forty: Rumors)

Chapter Forty
    Rys cornered Paige as she was looking for her folder in her locker the next morning at school.
    “Hey, are the rumors true?”
    “What rumors?”
    “The rumors that you and Shiloh are going with Darcy and Ryan to the junior prom? Because I couldn’t believe you’d go with Darcy, even if I’m not available.”
    “I… I’m not planning on going with anyone. I mean, no one’s even asked me.”
    “So, if he did ask you, you’d go?”
    “That’s a hypothetical question.”
    “Whatever. Anyway, you won’t mind hearing what someone told Wednesday.”
    “Mackenzie Bingley.”
    “What does she know about this?” Paige had long suspected Mackenzie had a hand in this whole dating disaster.
    “Well, I got talking to Wednesday on the weekend, at some charity event she was helping out at and she mentioned the whole story. Apparently Mackenzie had been laughing about what a dope your sister was to actually think Ryan would be interested in her...”
    “Uh huh…” Paige wasn’t shocked and realized Rys looked disappointed when she didn’t show her anger.
     “Anyway, she said her brother had been just as deluded about Shiloh and was fully intending to ask your sister to prom. To her credit, Mackenzie admitted Shiloh was both pretty and one of the nicest girls she’d ever met, but then Ryan changed his mind.”
   “Why would he do that?”
   “Well, apparently, his father questioned his taste in girls.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “He wanted to know why Ryan would take some unknown girl  when he could take the girl of a partner his dad was doing some bank deal with.”
   “Are you serious? Ryan doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be so into  money.”
   “Well, I don’t think he is. In fact, he started arguing with his dad about it until…”
   “Until what?”
   “Until Darcy agreed… with Ryan’s dad.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “He told Ryan that he didn’t think Shiloh was into him anyway and it might be easier just to go along with his father’s request to take the daughter of his work colleague. Apparently she’s friends with Mackenzie too…”
   “I only told you because I thought you’d think it was funny.”
   “Hilarious,” Paige said without smiling. “Thanks for sharing.”
   “Hey, I wouldn’t be too bothered, I’m so over school proms… and debate club. You and Darcy are welcome to an Easy A. I’m so over study. Oh and FYI? I’d love to take you to prom, girl, but I’m over them too.”
    But Shiloh wasn’t, Paige thought.
   “… Hey, cheer up, Paige. I’d totally have asked you if I were even going to be here…” he droned on. Suddenly Paige realized what a fair weather friend Rys had become since the rush of popularity he’d experienced online dating. Or maybe that’s who he had always been: the egotistical bearer of bad news.