Saturday, August 10, 2013

THE HOTNESS: A Modern Teen Pride and Prejudice (chapter fifty-six: meeting Darcy's family)

Chapter Fifty-six
Meeting Darcy’s family

   Darcy and Paige had seen each other every day since they’d reconnected. On this particular day, Darcy, Paige and Blair decided to have brunch together. They unpacked the picnic basket, laden with food, in the meadow near the Donovan estate.
  “It’s been great to meet you, Paige. Before we met, my brother described you as the most talented, clever and prettiest girl he’s ever met.”
   Paige blushed and looked confused.
   “Obviously, he exaggerated.”
   Blair smiled, “My brother never exaggerates.”
   Darcy looked embarrassed as his sister continued, “Great aunt Donovan is way too strict, but it’s going to be great now that Darcy has given me an excuse to escape. Hey, you guys have to come see my band – we’re playing in town. We just started it. Jethro – we met in a coffee shop in town - well, he’s the guitarist. You have to meet him.”
    Blair started to pack up after they’d finished eating then dragged Paige towards the stables.
   Jethro, who looked about sixteen, was making sure the horses were fed and looked up and waved as Blair spoke.
   “He looks nice.”
   “Just nice?”
   “Also cute,” Paige added.
   “What do you think of my brother? I’ve decided, you both make the perfect couple.”
   “Wow, I wasn’t expecting you to be so… subtle, Blair,” Paige laughed. “I mean, we’ve only just reconnected but… I like him more than I ever thought I would. He’s… he’s amazing.”
   “I know,” Blair said, “for a brother.”
   Paige was taken aback and didn’t’ know what to say as they spread the blankets out, a view of the Donovan estate surrounding them
   “In the beginning, I’m sure he’s told you, we weren’t even friends. We really hated each other…”  
    “Mmm… well, he told me all about you. How you were the smartest girl he’d ever met and how much he admired you. It took him ages to stop talking about you once we got back to Sydney.”
    “Ah yes, but he did stop.”
   “Well, everyone stops at some time. Without any encouragement it’s impossible to continue. You should know, I don’t give my approval lightly,” Blair joked, “but my brother is the best person I know. He really is. Ryan and his friends will tell you he’s a player but that’s only because he hasn’t met the right girl… until now.”
   Blair looked straight at Paige and smiled as she threw some flat rocks across the pond.
   “Do you play any instruments, Paige?”
   “Oh, keyboard, just a bit.”
   “You should come to our practice up at the house this afternoon.”
   “Well, I have debate finals tomorrow. The two winning teams win a prize for themselves and their university… another overseas trip to wherever the finals are held next year, I suppose. Rumor has it, it’s Sydney, Australia.”
   “Good,” Blair said, “But you have to eat so you and Darcy are staying for dinner. It’s so boring with just family, even though I love them all of course. The only thing they have to talk about is me and my scandalous career in music and if I’m eating well or if I’m depressed, you can imagine.”
   “Sort of,” Paige said.
   “Good. Soon you have to meet the relatives. Darcy can’t keep putting it off forever. Somehow he’s managed to avoid them, until now.”

   After lunch, which was delicious, the sky covered over.
   Instead of going swimming in the lake the group decided to go back to the house. Once there, they dried off and Paige was waiting in the library when Darcy came in drying his hair. He took Paige’s hands.
   “I hope you can stay for dinner. I have to warn you, though. Ryan and Mackenzie said they have nothing planned this weekend, so Aunt invited them… but I think you’ll find Mackenzie has changed quite a lot over the previous two years… and we could always leave early. My family are going to be… insulted though, if we don’t make an effort.”
   Paige paused then said, “I better brush up on my manners.”     .
  “Don’t be stupid. They’ll need to brush up on theirs. I should warn you, they are all a bit… cray cray.”
  Darcy smiled, “Apart from that, thank you for giving me a chance to impress you again,” he smiled.
   Is that what she was doing? Paige hardly knew her own mind when she was around Darcy. His world was both weird and intoxicating.